Two Manship students honored at Black Scholars Awards

Manship alumna Jolena Broussard, and current Manship student Myia Hambrick were honored at the 32nd annual Black Scholars Awards on Sunday, April 2. The awards were presented by the Black Faculty & Staff Caucus (BFSC) at LSU. The BFSC at LSU was established on LSU’s campus over 40 years ago. The organization’s purpose is to ensure and maintain equitable treatment of African-American faculty and staff in promotions and job opportunities.

Broussard received the Huel D. Perkins Leadership Award. She is currently pursuing her MBA at LSU. Hambrick received the Jesse Owens Athletic Award. She is a member of the award-winning LSU gymnastics team.

These awards, and others presented by the BFSC at LSU, support the accomplishments and successes within the LSU community. Broussard and Hambrick received two out of the five awards awarded by the BFSC, exemplifying their outstanding merit.