First-year student Frederick Bell is #HereToWin


While Bell is only in his first semester of college, he has started out with a bang. Bell has already been appointed as a Senator for the University Center for Advising and Counseling (UCAC) at LSU, and served on LSU’s 2016 Homecoming Court.

Bell’s academic concentration is political communication, which he hopes to make a career out of in the future.   After falling in love with politics at the age of fourteen, Bell has let nothing stand in his way on his path to accomplishment and success. Throughout his high school career, Bell worked on local political campaigns, got involved with public speaking, and was chosen as a member of the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council.

In his senior year of high school, Bell was elected as President for the State Beta Club where he served roughly 7,000 students. Bell reflects that this was a “very difficult uphill climb” as his high school had a smaller club, with less funding than others and only a few years of experience. However, Bell was victorious and served as president on the state-wide scale. Also while in high school, Bell founded and chaired the Louisiana High School Democrats and was elected as Lieutenant Governor for Louisiana Boys State. He says all of these experienced “fostered leadership” that he exerts today.  

During his high school years, Bell selflessly volunteered with the Teen Court of Greater Baton Rouge to represent local juvenile defendants, as well as with the Youth Peace Olympics to provide children with entertaining, social and educational opportunities they might not normally have. Bell helped start the Youth Peace Olympics program.  

Proving to be one of his biggest accomplishments thus far, Bell recently served as the youngest delegate for Louisiana at the Democratic National Convention.   During his short time at LSU, Bell has joined the Air Force ROTC program and gotten involved with LSU Mock Trial. He hopes to eventually go to law school and work for the legal branch of the military before pursuing a career in public policy.  

Bell is ambitiously graduating in three years and currently lives in the Manship residential hall.  

“I know what I want and nothing will stand in my way,” Bell says. His experiences and accomplishments over the years prove that he will achieve anything he puts his mind to. Frederick Bell is #HereToWin.