LSU Adfed partners with Deaf Focus


The LSU Manship Advertising Federation used their skills to give back to a nonprofit community. LSU AdFed President, Hannah Alkadi ,wanted to give back to the community and realized that the members in this group had a lot to offer.


Alkadi and her team came up with a plan to help rebrand a nonprofit in the Baton Rouge area. They planned this to be an all night event; however, with other conflicts-the team only had six hours to come up with a new strategy for their client, Deaf Focus.


Ten students with six hours created a new logo, website and digital strategy for Deaf Focus. “This event allowed students to get an agency experience in six hours,” said Alkadi.


AdFed member and Digital Advertising Junior, Jessica Black, reflected on the great communication and work ethic of the group to achieve this goal. Black said, “The best part was to show that we could come together as a team and create something in such a small unit of time.”


Black also mentioned that Deaf Focus now uses the new website, new logo and follows their advice on digital strategies. Alkadi hopes to make this an annual event to continue to showcase skills and give back to the community at the same time.


You can see their work done at: and


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