Seth Medvin


Name: Seth Medvin

photo: seth medvin

Graduation Year: May, 2013

Major: Public Relations

Current Employer: Denver Broncos

Current Title: Media Relations Coordinator

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current Home: Englewood, Colorado


Why did you choose to study at the Manship School of Mass Communication for your bachelor’s degree?

I was interested in studying sports journalism coming out of high school and received an academic scholarship to LSU. After my first semester of school, I began being interested in sports public relations and started working with the Sports Information Department. I spent three years working as a student SID.


How did your education at the Manship School prepare you for what you’re doing today?

The biggest thing I took from the Manship education was learning how to write. As a sports PR professional, you are the resident expert in writing for the entire organization. You need to know how to write press releases, speeches, scripts, etc.


What led you to this job/career choice?

My experience while in school with the Sports Information Department provided me with an opportunity to land a full-time internship with the University of Florida’s athletic department. My goal was always to work in the NFL, and after 10 months at Florida I was hired as a season-long intern by the Houston Texans. I spent the 2014 season in Houston before interviewing at the Super Bowl for a full-time position with the Denver Broncos, where I am currently in Santa Clara, Calif., preparing for Super Bowl 50.


What are some of your career highlights/accomplishments/achievements thus far?

My biggest achievement so far is this navigating all of the media requests this postseason. On a Super Bowl team, the public relations staff has to organize and filter through the network television demands, league-mandated media requirements and more than 200 onsite press members (grows to 5,000 when you get to the Super Bowl). Executing all of these media requests requires a lot of planning and relationship building with the players, coaches and executives. The front office has to trust that you will not overload the players and staff, and the players have to trust that you will be putting them in positions to succeed. The only way to do this smoothly is through relationship building throughout the year. Having success so far with this is a testament to my hard work this year.


You’re currently coordinating all of the publicity efforts for the Denver Broncos as they prepare for the Super Bowl. What has this experience like thus far?

It has been a very rewarding experience. As part of a three-person full-time staff (and two interns), the Super Bowl is all about organization. We have at least three hours of league-mandated media for every player and coach leading into the Super Bowl in addition to network demands and national sit-down interview requests. The key is finding the right network talent and platform that will set your players, coaches and front office up for success. We executed most of our sit-downs the week before to alleviate the media demands for our team the week leading into the game. This week is all about filling the league-mandated interview requirements and preparing the team for possible questions and topics. Preparation with the team before they meet the press is essential to staying on message!


What inspires and motivates you most about your profession and the work you do?

I really enjoy being a part of the team. In the NFL, media plays such a huge role in the daily responsibilities for the team. My job is vital to keeping your team focused and showcasing the positive things they do on and off the field. I’m on the field for the Super Bowl this week? What


What do you do on a “typical day” at your new job?’

There is not typical day in my job… However, my daily responsibilities include lining players up in the morning for afternoon interviews, working on the team’s weekly release and stat packets, coordinating the media at practice, producing the injury report, overseeing open locker with the media and distributing quotes to the media. On gameday, I am our sideline liaison. I coordinate all on-field media with the network broadcast, the pregame introductions and all injury information. Postgame, I coordinate the media on the field, in the locker room and on the podium.


What advice do you have for Manship alumni and students interested in pursuing your profession or industry?

Work harder and more efficiently than all of your peers. I sacrificed Saturday tailgates for three years for an opportunity to work LSU Football games while in school. I paid my own way to work SEC Championships, National Championships and SEC Media Days. If you really want to make it in sports, you have to be willing to put in the hours and effort that outshines your peers. Working in the NFL is a 365-day job. Build your work ethic while you are still in school!