KLSU receives new transmitter and antenna to increase coverage


KLSU has received a new transmitter and antenna that is set to be installed by the end of the year and running by early 2016.


The new transmitter and antenna will provide a stronger signal and greater reach for KLSU. “There will be a coverage increase to the east and north of Baton Rouge and we hope to be able to reach another 100,000 people if all goes well,” said John Friscia, broadcast engineer and KLSU adviser. “Our current coverage pattern reaches 360,000 potential listeners and with our new coverage pattern, 85,000- 90,000 more people will be able to be reached,” he said.


Before the new transmitter can be installed though, the old transmitter will have to be removed, which will be a strenuous and lengthy process. The new transmitter will also have to be gutted in order to move it upstairs in Chopin Hall on the campus of LSU, where the transmitter is currently housed.


“Once the new transmitter is installed, there still are many steps afterwards that will have to be taken before it’s up and running,” said Friscia. “Getting the new transmitter installed and tested out is the first half of the project and the other half is to install a new antenna,” he said.


To go along with the increase in power that the transmitter will bring, a new antenna was purchased to handle the increase. “The antenna has to be installed by an outside surveyor who specializes in directional installation of antennas,” said Friscia. Once the antenna is installed in early 2016, the process will be complete and KLSU’s coverage pattern will be increased by 25%.


The purchasing of the transmitter and antenna were made possible through student media funds and also money raised from KLSU’s annual fundraisers.


About KLSU

KLSU (91.1 FM) is the student-run college radio station for Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a format of college/variety music and specialty programming. The station is part of the university’s Student Media Program and employs students as DJs and management staff. KLSU broadcasts across the Baton Rouge area at 5,700 watts of power, and is able to reach up to 40 miles outside of the LSU campus. The station is licensed under the FCC as an NCE (non-commercial educational) radio station. KLSU is one of 700 college radio stations across the United States that submits music chart reports to the weekly publication CMJ (College Music Journal) magazine.