Manship Weekly- September 7, 2015

This week in the Manship School

  • Happy Labor Day!
  • Manship Mentors
  • Upcoming Meetings for Organizations
  • Baton Rouge Social Media Association Conference
  • ImPRint Communications Accepting Applications
  • Internships 

Manship Mentors

Friday, Sept. 11 at noon in the Holliday Forum

The Manship Mentors program is looking for volunteers to mentor underclassmen this semester. The program aims to help students prepare for the challenges of the Manship School by offering assistance, guidance and support from fellow students. Interested students should only attend one informational meeting.

Contact Associate Dean Andrea Miller at if you have questions or if you would like to volunteer.

Upcoming Meeting Dates for Organizations

  • AdFed will have a meeting Sept. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the Holliday Forum.
  • ABC will have a meeting Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. in the Curet Room.
  • PRSSA will have a meeting Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Holliday Forum. The organization will also host “Tour de PRSSA” Sept. 24 at 6 p.m. in the Forum.
  • ImPRint will have a meeting Sept. 10, immediately following the PRSSA meeting in the Holliday Forum.
  • SPCL will have a meeting Sept. 9 at 5:30 p.m. in 135 Journalism.

Baton Rouge Social Media Association Conference

The deadline for sign-up is Sept. 25, contact Roxanne Dill at

Baton Rouge Social Media Association is hosting a conference Sept.27 and will offer $50 organizational memberships to students if they show their student ID. The deadline for sign-up is Sept. 25. (

Join ImPRint Communications

Resume and cover letter are due by Sept. 14 by 5 p.m. to

ImPRint Communications is accepting new members for the fall semester. Gain firsthand experience in public relations. Please email ImPRint at to request an application.


The deadline for applying for for-credit internships for fall semester is now past.

However, many employers continue to seek student workers. And internships for summer with fall deadlines are coming in already.

In your spare time, peruse the internship database and think about internships for spring and summer…

Baton Rouge Employers Seeking Interns Now: 

  • Alzheimer’s Services—Baton Rouge. Pr. Unpaid.
  • American Cancer Society—Baton Rouge. Pr. Unpaid
  • BASF—Baton Rouge. Pr/pol comm. Paid.
  • BlinkJar Media—Baton Rouge. Adv/mkt/pr. Paid
  • Baton Rouge Zoo—Baton Rouge. Pr. Paid.
  • Capital Area United Way—Baton Rouge. Communications/marketing. Paid
  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)—Baton Rouge. Communications/pr. stipend
  • Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX)—Baton Rouge. Communications. Paid.
  • Community Coffee—Baton Rouge. Communications. Paid.
  • Country Roads Magazine—Baton Rouge—graphic design/mkt/ adv. Paid.
  • Cox Communications—Baton Rouge. Government and public affairs/broadcast/digital. Paid.
  • Gatorworks—Baton Rouge. Digital adv. Paid.
  • Habitat for Humanity—Baton Rouge. Pr/Development/communications. Unpaid.
  • Hatchit Design—Baton Rouge. Interactive design. Paid.
  • Healthy BR (EBR government unit)—Baton Rouge. Pr/pol com. Unpaid.
  • Hope Ministries—Baton Rouge. Pr./mkt/development. Paid.
  • Jones Walker (Law firm)—Baton Rouge. Mkt. Paid.
  • LA Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority—Baton Rouge (LSU AgCenter). Pr/mkt. Unpaid.
  • LA Department of Transportation and Development—Baton Rouge. Pr/pol comm. Paid.
  • Louisiana Dental Association—Baton Rouge. Pr/pol comm. Paid.
  • Louisiana Housing Corporation—Baton Rouge. Pr. Paid
  • Louisiana Radio Network—Baton Rouge. Radio journalism. Unpaid
  • Louisiana Realtors—Baton Rouge. Pr/digital. Paid.
  • Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation—Baton Rouge. Pr/pol comm. paid
  • Louisiana Workforce Commission—Baton Rouge. Pr/pol comm. Paid.
  • LSU College of Engineering—Baton Rouge. Communications/pr. Paid
  • LSU College of Human Sciences—Baton Rouge. Communications Intern. Paid
  • LSU Athletic Department—Baton Rouge. Media production department—broadcast/digital. For fall and spring semesters. Unpaid. Also opportunities for paid freelance.
  • LSU Innovation and Technology Commercialization—Baton Rouge. Pr/digital media/mkt. Paid.
  • LSU Office of Strategic Communications—Baton Rouge. Policy communications; graphic design; video production; communications. Advertising/research. Unpaid.
  • LSU School of the Coast and Environment/Center for Energy Studies—Baton Rouge. Pr. paid
  • March of Dimes, Capital Area—Baton Rouge. Pr/mkt. unpaid
  • Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center—Baton Rouge. Development/pr. Unpaid.
  • New Schools for Baton Rouge—Baton Rouge. Communications/pr. Stipend
  • ProSonus—Baton Rouge. Video production. Paid.
  • Public Affairs Research (PAR)—Baton Rouge. 2 Policy research/pol comm; 1 development/communications. Paid.
  • Tech Advocate Group—Baton Rouge. Adv/Pr/digital. Paid.
  • Tiger Athletic Foundation—Baton Rouge. Development/pr. Paid.

Part-Time Student Jobs: 

  • LSU Office of Strategic Communications—Baton Rouge. policy communications; graphic design; video production; communications. Advertising/research. Unpaid.
  • Jennifer Treadway for Treasurer Campaign—Baton Rouge. Pol com. Unpaid
  • Dig Magazine—Baton Rouge. Mkt/social media. Unpaid
  • Marsh Dog—Baton Rouge. Mkt/pr. Paid
  • WBRZ Television Operations—Baton Rouge. Broadcast production. Paid.
  • Baton Rouge Community College Athletic Department—Baton Rouge. Pr/mkt. paid
  • Carpenter Health Network—Baton Rouge. Social media. Paid
  • Reputation Capital Media—Baton Rouge. Communications/content marketing. Paid
  • The Life of a Single Mom—Baton Rouge. Communications. Paid.
  • Louisiana Kids Orchestra—Baton Rouge. Communications/special events/development. Paid. For fall.