New Faculty Member: Joshua Darr, Assistant Professor, Political Communication


Photo: joshua darr

Joshua Darr will join the Manship School of Mass Communication in fall 2015 as an assistant professor of political communication. His research focuses on the placement and effects of campaign field offices, the importance of local newspapers for voter learning and political awareness, and the ability of campaigns to influence the quantity and tone of their local media coverage. In his dissertation, “From the Ground Up: The Strategic Interaction of Campaigns and Local Media,” Darr makes a case for the continued importance of local political journalism to campaigns and voters in elections, despite the recent struggles of local news sources.

Darr said he is really excited to teach Introduction to Political Communication, News Media and Governance, and Case Studies in Media and Political Campaigns in the future. With an emphasis on fusing political and media processes and outcomes, Darr said he wants students to leave his classroom understanding the impact of politics in their lives and feeling like they have an informed, critical voice in the political process.  

“The opportunity to teach political communication at the Manship School is a great fit for my research interests,” Darr said. “The Manship School will be an excellent place to pursue my research goals and connect with colleagues, graduate students and undergrads who share similar interests.”  

Darr earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston College and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania. He will earn a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2015.  

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