We Stand with the AAPI Community

We Stand with the Asian American/Pacific Islander Community

March 19, 2021

The Manship School stands with our AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander) students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members during this heartbreaking, terrifying time. In the past year, this country has seen a disturbing spike in attacks against Asian Americans, with a majority of those attacks targeting women and the elderly. To be afraid to go outside, knowing that you may be targeted for who you are, not to mention the threat to loved ones, friends, relatives, acquaintances—future, past and present—is an unbearable burden, one fused with uncertainty, anxiety and fear. We see you. We support you, and we walk alongside you in the fight against hate. 

We reaffirm the Manship School’s commitment to diversity and our dedication to identifying and pursuing initiatives that foster inclusion and equity. Through our teaching, our research, our actions and our voices, we will continue to advocate for inclusion while combating injustice and racism. 

In Solidarity,

Josh Grimm, Interim Dean, Manship School of Mass Communication;

Manship School Diversity Committee

Tina M. Harris, Chair

Jinx Broussard, Faculty

Cindy Carter, Faculty

Jerry Ceppos, Faculty

Justin Franklin, Student

Nathan Kalmoe, Faculty

Soojin Kim, Faculty

Will Mari, Faculty

Ruth Moon Mari, Faculty

Lance Porter, Faculty

Paromita Saha, Doctoral Candidate

Meghan Sanders, Faculty

Kathleen Searles, Faculty

Kelci Sibley, Staff

Kyle Stanley, Master’s Student

Chelsea Rainwater, Staff