Cartographic and Geographic Information Systems Section

The Cartographic Section of the LGS prepares maps and geographic information systems (GIS) for LGS and other LSU research departments. It also produces map products under direct contract from other government agencies, traditional printed maps and GIS products on CD/DVD, and technical illustrations for scientific publications/presentations utilizing graphic design and image processing software. The cartographic staff works closely with technical editors in the preparation of scientific publications ranging from simple reports to complex books and atlases utilizing the latest electronic publishing and pre-press software.

Cartographic/GIS Staff

Robert Paulsell
Research Associate 4
3095 Energy, Coast, and Environment Bldg
Telephone: 225-578-8655

Robert received a Bachelors of Science in Geography from LSU in 1987 and initially worked for the St Tammany Parish Police Jury designing and implementing a rural municipal addressing system for enhanced 911. He joined the LGS in October of 1990. His areas of expertise are geographic information systems, map production, compilation of spatial data using Global Navigation Satellite Systems collected data, and the design and development of derivative geospatial data and cartographic products.

R.L. Paulsell projects


R. Hampton Peele
Research Associate 4
3105 Energy, Coast, and Environment Bldg
Telephone: 225-578-3455

Hampton Peele received Bachelor’s degrees from LSU in both Anthropology and in Geography, and joined the LGS in 1991. Peele also received an Masters of Natural Science in Geography from LSU in 2000. Peele conducts research involving the coastal zone. His areas of expertise include remote sensing, spatial analysis, GIS technology, digital image processing, and the compilation and development of geospatial databases utilizing raster and vector GIS.

R.H. Peele projects


Lisa Pond
Research Associate 4
3099 Energy, Coast, and Environment Bldg
Telephone: 225-578-0401

Lisa Pond received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from LSU in 1987, and joined the LGS in 1989 where she serves as a senior cartographer and designer. In this position, she generates research into the creation of scientific and educational documents. Her areas of expertise include the design and production of maps, posters, and technical documents. Her professional history combines desktop publishing, typesetting, and prepress production of books, newsletters, pamphlets, CD Rom artwork, oversized maps, posters and cartographic data. These products are output to very high resolution typesetters and photo-imagesetters for color offset printing. Lisa specializes in poster and exhibit design for technical presentations and award winning cartographic lithographs.

Lisa Pond projects