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Rockin the swamp 2017The Louisiana Geological Survey’s (LGS) Outreach and Educational program has been an integral part of the LGS Mission since 1934. Educational activities and interest have provided individual assistance by telephone, FAX, mail, e-mail, or in person. The LGS is the state’s number one source of educational and technical information about Louisiana’s natural resources.

Educational materials LGS provides to the citizens and those interested in Louisiana geological history are in the form of brochures, field-trip guides, booklets, maps, post cards, and posters. Many available free to the general public and other materials available to teachers by written request on their school letterhead. The LGS Public Information Series includes booklets about rocks and minerals, water resources, folios, bulletins, maps, CD ROMs and free pamphlets and fact sheets.

The survey staff historically has answered hundreds of requests for information and assistance, judged science fairs, helped students conduct scientific research, visited K-12 schools, lectured to civic groups, and made presentations to educational and professional conferences.

Educational Out Reach Coordinator, Riley Milner, P.G., has been quite busy as of late. On December 19, 2017 after an invitation from the 4th and 5th Grade teachers at The Laboratory Key Academy in Baton Rouge he presented a demonstration of the rocks and minerals in Louisiana and other states, countries as well as the ocean geologic history and life. The students from the four classes in attendance came prepared with their own questions. Their questions ranged from a discussion of the Rock Cycle to how do you become a Geologist and how much money does a Geologist make.

On March 10, 2018 the BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center held their annual event “Rockin’ at the Swamp. It is an all day event featuring geologic displays from LGS, LSU Geology Club, jewelry vendors, and rock and mineral specimens on display as well as for sale.

The week of May 7th to 11th, 2018 was Louisiana Tourism Week sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Recreation and Tourism. LGS was asked by the Atchafalaya National Heritage Center at the Butte La Rose tourist Center on I-10 to display our Cartographic produces (i.e. 30x60 Minute Geologic Maps) at the Heritage Center for the week. Mr. Milner spent the week at the center providing discussion and information for the local visitors as well as traveler’s form across the country.

On June 6th thru the 11th 2018 Mr. Milner will be assisting the St. James Parish Library in Lutcher and Vacherie kick off their Summer Program “Libraries Rock” with displays at both libraries featuring rocks and minerals of Louisiana, specimens form 3.2 billion year old Stromatolite’s from South Africa, to fossils from the past and present, mineral specimens representing the full range of mineral types, a microscope display with a Scope-on-a-Rope showing thins section of the Greenwell Springs Chondrite Meteorite (i.e. stony not Iron-Nickel) and others from many types of rock and minerals, and a display of rocks representing the Rock Cycle (i.e. sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic).

The LGS also maintains a well core repository of over 30,000 feet of core samples, and a oil and gas geophysical log library. This repository and library are available to the general public and professionals that are interested in the natural resources and geologic history of Louisiana. These assets may be viewed during regular working hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Please contact Melissa Esnault at mesnau1@lsu.edu or by phone at 225-578-5320.

The natural resources of the state of Louisiana are a very important economic source of revenue, and it is important that the citizens of Louisiana understand and have knowledge of these valuable assets to better manage the state’s natural resources. This knowledge of the earth processes and natural systems are interconnected and that sustainable development in a healthy environment depends on a basic knowledge of the earth’s processes and resources.

Rock’n In The Swamp

LGS participated in the event titled “Rock’n in the Swamp” organized by the Baton Rouge Parks and Recreation and is a one day educational outreach for schools.  The LGS exhibit booth displayed rocks and minerals found in Louisiana and other places and thin sections.  Fossil specimens were also displayed.  The LGS booth proved to be one of the star attractions for the hundreds of school students and other adults attending the event.

fossil presentation
riley rockin the swamp


Earth Science Week  

Sponsored Nationwide by the American Geoscience Institute (AGI), this week was celebrated from October 11 – 17, 2015 with the theme of “Visualizing Earth Systems”.  As in previous years, LGS received 50 educational kits from AGI which were distributed to K-12 school earth science teachers with the assistance of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Office of the Public Information Director.

Annual Groundwater Symposium

The Louisiana Geological Survey and the Louisiana Water Research Institute (LSU) organizes and hosts the “Groundwater, Surface Water and Water Resources” Symposium each year.  It is a very well attended symposium (100+) and many LGS staff members were involved in various aspects of the program.  Attendees also received educational credits towards the Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists (LBOPG).

Papers are presented by faculty and students from a number of Louisiana universities, staff from Louisiana state agencies, staff from local consultants and staff from LGS and USGS.  Papers cover a variety of subjects which focus mainly on water quality and water supply of groundwater and fresh surface water.  A number of papers concerning water management, water treatment and legal aspects of water management may be presented.  

The symposium provides professionals an opportunity to complete a significant portion of the continuing education requirements as defined by the LBOPG. Professional geoscientists of general educational hours required and many completed their ethics requirement as defined by LBOPG which is one hour yearly.  The full schedules and abstracts for each presentation are available at http://lwrri.lsu.edu/conference/.

Louisiana Coastal Geology Framework Symposium

The symposium discusses a wide-range of coastal Louisiana's geological framework, featuring some new interpretations. For more information, please contact symposium chairman John Johnston III at hammer@lsu.edu

Geologic Map Day

On October 14, 2016 LGS and the Baton Rouge Geological Society hosted a meeting at the Baton Rouge Bluebonnet Library celebrating "Geologic Map Day". The Louisiana Geological Survey put on a display of their published 30x60 Minute Geologic Quadrangle maps. The meeting included a presentation by the LGS staff responsible for the development of each map from field development to a finished cartographic product. The public was invited to the presentation. The maps were on display for the entire week of Earth Science Week.

The LGS also has, along with some of the 30x60 Minute maps, won International and National awards for their map development and cartographic expertise. One of those won Best Special Purpose Map: Geologic Map of the West-Central Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa was on display. Cartography by John Snead and Robert Paulsell. Geology by Donald R. Lowe, Gary R. Byerly, & Christoph Heubeck http://www.geosociety.org

Louisiana Geofacts quiz

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