Louisiana Geological Survey Newsletters

2018 Newsletter features a study on Denham Springs historical spring study.

2017 Newsletter features Chip Groat returning to LGS.

2016 Newsletter features "Flood of August 2016 A 100-Year, 500-Year or 5,000-Year Event?"

2015 Newsletter features Investigative and GIS development of the Buried Holocene-Pleistocene Surface in the Louisiana Coastal Plain, Bayou Teche Paddle Trail and Historical and Cultural Map, and much more.

2014 Newsletter features Surface Water Gauging Network Improvements, Assessment and Economic Analysis of Louisiana’s Sand Resources, and much more.

2013 Newsletter features National Geothermal DataSystem contributions, Application of Allostratigraphic Nomenclatures, and much more.

2012 Newsletter features Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Research, Baton Rouge Fault: Preliminary Observations, Louisiana Coastal Zone Map, and much more.

2011 Newsletter features An Examination of the Atchafalaya Basin’s Water Quality During and After Flood of 2011, and much more.

2010 Newsletter features Port Hudson State Historic Site, Louisiana's Principal Freshwater Aquifers, and much more.

2009 End of the Year Newsletter features Geology of Grindstone Bluff, A Thalweg Exposure of Wilcox Group, Fisk’s Cartographic Error, Discovery Channel News Cites Louisiana
Geological Survey Research, and much more.

2009 Summer Newsletter features LGS Celebrates 75th Anniversary, A Paleochannel Palimpsest within Spanish Lake Area, Southeast Louisiana, and its Archaeological Significance, and much more.

2008 Fall Newsletter features LGS provides emergency hurricane support, International Year of Planet Earth, Mississippi River a Changing River, and much more.

2008 Summer Newsletter features Hurricane Katrina’s Impact on New Orleans Water Pumpage and Use, Spring Flooding in Southern Louisiana, and much more.

2007 Summer Newsletter features The Houston Ridge: An Ancient Shoreline in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, Pipeline Mapping Continues, and much more.

2006 Fall Newsletter features Occurrences and Impacts of Lignite within Aquifers of Louisiana, Assessment of the Impact of Hurricane Katrina’s and Rita’s storm Hurges on the
Southern Hills Aquifer System in Southern St.Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes, and much more.

2006 Summer Newsletter features Is Oil & Gas Production Contributing to Louisiana’s Land Loss Problem?, Groundwater Use in East Baton Rouge Parish: The Past Fifty Years, and much more.

2005 December Newsletter features Louisiana Geological Survey Staff Assist in Hurricane Katrina Effort, Review of the Engineering Geology of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana,
and much more.

2005 June Newsletter features Louisiana Aquifer Characterization, Aquifer Porosities, Coastal Research at LGS, Significance of Buried Forests Exposed in St. James Parish, Louisiana, and much more.

2005 January Newsletter features Surface Faulting Within the New Iberia, Louisiana Region, Is the Hot Wells Area of Louisiana Anomalous?, and much more.

2004 July Newsletter features Characterization/ Conductivities of Louisiana Aquifers Explored, Data on Coal Seam Natural Gas (CSNG).

2004 January Newsletter features Chicot Aquifer Study, Fossil Fish Remains Reported from the Cane River Formation near Natchitoches, Louisiana, Bayou L’Ivrogne and Steep Hill
Creek Alluvial Valleys, Southern Natchitoches Parish: Example of Stream Piracy?, and much more.

2003 Newsletter features Lineaments and the Separation of Sicily Island from the Chalk Hills, Possible Meteorite Impact Crater in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, Chicot Aquifer Project,
and much more.

2002 Newsletter features Buried Forests Could Provide Clues to Past, Chicot Aquifer Characterization Studies, Pipeline Mapping, and much more.

2001 Newsletter features Louisiana's Oil Industry Centennial, Chicot Aquifer Pilot Study for Acadia Parish, Missing Well Locations: An Environmental Risk Assessment and
Regulatory Problem for Louisiana, and much more.