Mission Statement

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The vision of the Louisiana Geological Survey is to:

•    Make the Louisiana Geological Survey one of the premier geological surveys in the nation.

•    Ensure that the Louisiana Geological Survey is able to provide relevant unbiased geological and environmental information to state agencies and other decision making bodies leading to Louisiana’s environmentally sound natural resource development and to economic prosperity for the state and its citizens.


The purpose of the Louisiana Geological Survey is to:

•    Develop, interpret, and provide information describing the characteristics and distribution of Louisiana’s energy, mineral, water, and environmental resources.

•    Interpret and describe the geologic processes that affect the landscape, rivers, and coast

•    Provide geological information to agencies, policy—makers, and the general public through maps, reports, peer-reviewed publications, formal presentations, and educational outreach.

•    Pursue applied research programs leading to the evaluation, protection, and development of Earth resources for the benefit of the economy of the state.


The goal of the Louisiana Geological Survey is to benefit the state of Louisiana by:

•    Encouraging the economic development of the natural resources of the state. 

•    Insuring the effective transfer of geological data and information relevant to the states energy resources and raw materials.

•    Analyzing and documenting the potential for geological hazards for the state and the public on a timely and continual basis.

•    Producing geologic maps, geologic bulletins, water resources bulletins and similar publications as are typical of most other state geologic surveys in the country. 

Strategic Plan:

•    As a research organization that benefits and supports the well being of the State of Louisiana, LGS continues to produce relevant and valuable scientific publications, presentations, and seminars, as well as routinely fielding individual questions from the public.

•    Develop new research methods, techniques, and opportunities motivated by scientific publications, formal presentations, conventions, seminars, and interactions with the public, other state agencies, academic departments, and policy-makers.

•    On the basis of research ideas and inspirations, develop multifaceted research programs that attract external funding to complete the work and foster the exploration of both conventional and innovative approaches to long-standing or new geological questions.

•   Work with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, LSU academic departments, other state surveys, the United States Geological Survey to more thoroughly identify and address important and timely geological problems.