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The natural resources of the state of Louisiana are a very important economic source of revenue, and it is important that the citizens of Louisiana understand and have knowledge of these valuable assets to better manage them. A basic knowledge of the state’s earth-system processes and its biotic natural systems, and of their interconnectedness, is essential to effective stewardship and sustainable development of these resources in a healthy environment. (read more...)

News and Events

3rd Annual Coastal Symposium
17 - 18 October 2019

LGS releases the 2018 Oil and Gas Fields of Louisiana Map. Available as printed copy for $250.00 and/or PDF for $125.00. Contact Melissa Esnault for details.

A Study of the Brushy Creek Feature, Saint Helena Parish, Louisiana.

LGS now has Georeferenced maps on the Avenza Map Store. Download and view on your smartphone or tablet.

Louisiana Geological Survey 2018 Newsletter

LGS releases new "Publication Catalog"


"A Portfolio of Published Maps", for download url, please email rpaulsell@lsu.edu

Louisiana Oil and Gas Symposium 2019

13th Annual LGS, LASU AgCenter, and LWRRI Louisiana Water Conference, April 15-16, 2019. Conference Announcement, Abstract Submission and Schedule