LSU Chemical Engineering Researchers Published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

June 1, 2023 

BATON ROUGE, LA – A new paper by LSU Chemical Engineering (ChE) Professional in Residence Brian Hanley and ChE major Jack Wilfert has been published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

The paper, titled “Progress Toward a Comprehensive Model for Mass Transfer in Structure Packings,” discusses the problem with mass transfer correlations found in current academic literature. These are based on studies of mass transfer in sheet metal-structured packings over the last 50 years. However, none of the correlations have shown themselves to be reliable over the full range of chemical systems, column operating conditions, and packing topologies used today.

Current mass transfer correlations have too strong a dependence on physical properties. Consequently, Hanley and Wilfert developed a new mass transfer correlation that weakens the effects of these physical properties and simultaneously fits sheet metal-structured packing data and mass transfer area data. The relationship that they report on in the paper includes 444 sheet metal-structured packing values from a variety of systems, operating pressures, and packing designs, as well as 409 mass transfer area measurements. This correlation is demonstrated in the piece to outperform all others while remaining simple enough to implement in process simulation software.

Click here to read the full article.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the American Chemical Society covering all aspects of chemical engineering.

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Contact: Joshua Duplechain
Director of Communications