LSU Receives $400K Grant to Expand Nuclear Science, Engineering Fellowship Program

November 18, 2019

BATON ROUGE, LA – LSU is one of 33 academic institutions across the country to be awarded a grant by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The university received a $400,000 Fellowship Grant—matching the largest single amount given to an academic institution—to establish its Expanded Nuclear Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program.

The project is part of LSU’s continuous efforts to expand and reinforce its current nuclear education components, which have experienced a renaissance in recent years with substantial growth in student enrollment and faculty recruitment funded by two NRC Faculty Development Grants.

The NRC Fellowship Grant would support at least eight graduate students for four years.

LSU’s Expanded Nuclear Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program was designed by five principal investigators from the College of Engineering, College of Science, College of the Coast & Environment and the Center for Energy Studies. It is aimed at expanding LSU’s nuclear graduate education endeavor to include more academic departments—namely environmental sciences and chemistry—beyond those of mechanical and industrial engineering and geology to recruit and support more high-quality graduate students. Subsequently, those students would then receive a well-rounded training and conduct integrated research in broader nuclear-related areas, such as nuclear materials, radioactive waste management, radiation detection, radiochemistry, and health physics.


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