Coastal Sustainability Research

BAE is committed to sustaining Louisiana's coast line through the following research and extension activities:

  • Coastal Bioengineering Research
  • Coastal Disaster Modeling 
  • Louisiana Climatic Data (LAIS Weather)

Coastal Bioengineering

Natural Resources and Automation Engineering Laboratory

The NRAE laboratory group designs solutions for aquacultural and coastal applications. This lab uses engineering approaches to enhance the production, safety and sustainability of fresh and marine aquaculture systems, including the design of recirculating aquacultural systems and the use of automation technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity. Improvements in water quality and maintenance or restoration of healthy environments are significant areas of research.

Coastal Disaster Modeling

Louisiana Flood Maps

This system integrates flood risk information with ground elevation data (provided by a service of the US Geological Survey) and basic wind speed (derived from the 2003 International Residential Code and produced as a service by the LSU AgCenter) to inform LA residents of their flood zone.

Extension SpecialistPatricia Skinner

LAIS Weather

Louisiana Agriclimatic Information System (LAIS) is a network of 23 automated weather stations operated by the

Each station consists of a datalogger that observes several electronic instruments on a 3-second interval. Output is generated by the datalogger:

Every 3 seconds (This data is normally not archived)
Every minute
Daily, at midnight
Daily, at 7am

Principal Investigator: Randy Price, Ph.D.