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Biological & Agricultural Engineering is the integration of applied biology into the fundamental engineering principles for the purpose of designing processes and systems that influence, control, or utilize biological materials, including animals, plants, humans, and other living organisms, for the benefit of society. Our academic programs focus on helping students build themselves as professionals with both a strong science and engineering background, dedicated to the journey of life-long learning. 

At Louisiana State University, our Biological and Agricultural Engineering students engage in rigorous coursework that integrates applied biology into the fundamental engineering principles, including those in mechanical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering. This course of study yields professionals with a uniquely diverse and highly applicable skill set.  

Our BE students graduate with strong fundamental engineering skills, technical knowledge, and professional and personal skills to effectively practice engineering in conjuction with biological systems. Our alumni often obtain positions in a wide range of career fields, like oil and gas, the medical industry, and federal government. Some jobs our students are eligible for are biomedical engineer, soil scientist, plant geneticist, and agricultural consultant, just to name a few.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs enable students to pursue interests in variety of bioengineering subfields such as biomedical, bioenvironmental, bioprocessing, and agricultural. 

Read our Spring 2018 Newsletter to find out more about what's going on within our department, including the welcoming of new faculty and summaries of some of our current research projects. Our departmental chair periodically releases a Message from the Chair with further updates and changes in the department.

Begin your life-long journey in Biological Engineering by planning your visit, contacting our undergraduate or graduate coordinators, and finding out more about our degree programs and facilties


The Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering provides a program recognized for its excellence in education through a vigorous and diverse course of study. Our mission is to produce professionals and biological engineers of excellence at all degree levels, capable of entering high quality graduate programs and qualified to conduct innovative and independent research and development functions for industry, government, and academia; and to advance this knowledge by instilling in our faculty and students the principles of service, long-term contributions to their employer, their profession, and to society through teaching, basic and applied research, and outreach. 


Our vision is to be a nationally ranked premier department with a program known for excellence in biological and agricultural engineering education, fundamental and applied research, and leadership in extension service and outreach programs.

Our long and short-term goals and strategies are laid out in detail in our departmental Strategic Plan.  


The Biological & Agricultural undergraduate degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.


Department Chair

W. David Constant, Humphreys T. Turner Professor

149 E. B. Doran Building, LSU                                                                                
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4505

Phone (225) 578-3153
Fax (225) 578-3492

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