Design & Technical Electives

The BE curriculum requires nine (9) hours of engineering design electives. This is a tentative list of electives commonly offered.

Click here to see a detailed, updated list of Design Electives offered during the upcoming semester: Fall 2019 Design Electives


Prefix Course Number Course Name
BE 4336 Biocompatibility & Surface Modification of Materials
BE 4337 Regenerative Medicine
BE 4383 Natural Resource Engineering
BE 4910 Section 1: Synthetic Biology
BE 4910 Section 2: Humanitarian Eng Applications in BE
EVEG 3110 Water and Wastewater Treatment
EVEG 4120 Design of Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Systems
ME 4133 Machine Design I: Kinematics of Machinery
CHE 4220 Genetic Engineering


Prefix Course Number Course Name
BE 4323 Biomechanics for Engineers
BE 4340 Food & Bioprocess Engineering
BE 4910 Cancer Biomaterials
BE 4910 Industrial Molecular Biotechnology
BE 4989 Independent Study in Biological Engineering
CHE 4260 Biochemical Engineering
CHE 4253 Introduction to Industrial Pollution Control
ENGR 4103 Assistive Robotics
EVEG 3110 Water and Wastewater Treatment
IE 4461 Human Factors Engineering


Common Technical Electives

The BE curriculum requires three (3) hours of a technical elective. Here is a list of some commonly taken electives:

Prefix Course Number Course Name
Air Force ROTC    
AGRO 1001 Plants and People
BE   3989 Special Projects in Biological Engineering
BIOL 2153 Principles of Genetics
CHEM 2262 Organic Chemistry
CSC 1253 Computer Science I with C++
ENVS 1126 Introduction to Environmental Science
EVEG 3200 Water Resources Engineering
GEOL 1001 General Geology: Physical
GEOL 1066 Dinosaurs, Catastrophes, and Extinctions
ISDS  2000 Introduction to Business Statistics
KIN 2500 Human Anatomy
KIN 2501 History and Philosophy of Kinesiology
MATH 1202  Geometry, Reasoning and Measurement
OCS 1005 Introduction to Oceanography
PETE 2031 Reservoir Rock Properties
PHYS 2108 Introductory Physics Laboratory
PHYS 2109 General Physics Laboratory


For more information about these courses, follow this link:

 LSU 2019-2020 General Catalog