The Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership (CCELL), in conjunction with LSU Campus Life , has established the Engaged Citizen Program, which seeks to support and recognize the accomplishments of undergraduate students who engage significantly with their communities to address critical community needs.

Anyone can apply to be a part of the Engaged Citizens Program, it is not limited by school or discipline, but in order to receive the distinction upon graduation the following requirements must be met.



Students who wish to earn Engaged Citizen honors must complete the following requirements as approved by CCELL or Campus Life:

  • Students must complete a minimum of seven credit hours of coursework designated as service-learning by CCELL.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 100 approved hours of community service.
  • Students must complete a reflective paper detailing the engaged work they completed and the ways in which this work fulfills LSU’s commitment to community.


If you would like to be kept up to date on the latest information regarding the Engaged Citizens Program, join the Engaged Citizens Program on Tigerlink and we will keep you updated on the latest news and deadlines.