CCELL Policies & Forms


  • Service-Learning Course Designation Policy: If you are LSU faculty teaching a service-learning class, you must designate your class as service-learning through CCELL.
  • Service-Learning Internship Designation Policy: Internship syllabi can be submitted to CCELL by an instructor as service-learning required or optional (through our designation process) or an individual student (as a contract option) and reviewed according to CCELL's current guidelines. Checklist is included on page three of the policy.
  • Trip Insurance for Service-Learning Students: Every student participating in a service-learning class must have field trip insurance secured for every off-campus visit they make to a community partner site.


  • Service-Learning Course Designation Form: CCELL approves LSU service-learning classes through this application. The form should be submitted for a) new service-learning classes b) established classes, which require re-application every five years. Please review instructions. 
  • Community-Engaged Research Faculty Application Form: LSU faculty submit this form to request that their research project is designated as a community-engaged research opportunity. Community-engaged research is tied to a community-identified need and is directly beneficial to a non-profit, governmental agency, preK-12 school, or other similar initiative. Once reviewed and approved, the faculty member's work will be available to students in the LSU Discover mentor database as CER-certified project. Please review the rubric before applying.
  • Individual Service-Learning Trip Insurance Form: Students should complete this short form prior to travelling off-campus for a service-learning class.
  • Group Service-Learning Trip Insurance Form: Faculty should complete this short form if your class will be travelling off-campus together for a service-learning class.