Service-Learning Student Trip Insurance

CCELL is dedicated to protecting the safety and dignity of its students, faculty, community partners and anyone who has contact with the program. The LSU and CCELL risk management policy requires that every student participating in a service-learning class has field trip insurance secured for every off-campus visit they make to a community partner site (to read LSU's full policy see PM-4). Since 2012, LSU Student Government has generously agreed to fund ALL student trip travel insurance for service-learning students. 


Faculty/Instructors are required to request trip travel insurance only when an entire class is taking a trip together. This can be done by completing the online Student Trip Travel Form for Organizations/Departments.


Faculty must inform students at the beginning of the semester that they are required to submit the Service-Learning Student Trip Travel Insurance online form prior to each trip. Up to 15 travel dates can be entered at once, if the student will be traveling to the same location(s). Faculty are encouraged to post these links on Moodle. A PowerPoint slide is also available for instructional use. 

If students are not signed up prior to a trip, they will not be able to be covered in the event of an accident at the community partner site.

Risk Management will now track all service-learning trips by class and section number and will provide data to CCELL at the end of each semester, or upon request by faculty/instructors.