Other LSU Service Opportunities 

See below for the many opportunities for LSU students to fulfill their commitment to community.


LSU's Commitment to Community

Louisiana State University is an interactive community in which students, faculty, and staff together strive to pursue truth, advance learning, and uphold the highest standards of performance in an academic and social environment.

It is a community that fosters individual development and the creation of bonds that transcend the time spent within its gates.

To demonstrate my pride in LSU, as a member of its community, I will:

  • Accept responsibility for my actions
  • Hold myself and others to the highest standards of academic, personal, and social integrity
  • Practice justice, equality, and compassion in human relations
  • Respect the dignity of all persons and accept individual differences
  • Respect the environment and the rights and property of others and the University
  • Contribute positively to the life of the campus and surrounding community
  • And use my LSU experience to be an active citizen in an international and interdependent world.


Service Opportunities for LSU Students


CCELL: Enroll in a course and earn credit while serving with class (service-learning)

     Contact: Kristin Menson, ccell@lsu.edu

     Website: www.lsu.edu/ccell 


Volunteer LSU: Regular volunteer opportunities for all LSU students

     Contact: volunteer@lsu.edu

     Website: www.lsu.edu/volunteerlsu 


Greek Life: Volunteer with Greek organizations 

     Contact: Angela Guillory, angelagu@lsu.edu

     Website: www.lsu.edu/greeks 


Community & University Partnerships (CUP): Volunteer in Old South Baton Rouge

     Contact: Brandon Smith, LSUCUP@lsu.edu

     Website: www.lsu.edu/cup 


Campus Life: Campus service opportunities with student organizations

     Contact: Kathy Jones, kathyj@lsu.edu

     Website: www.lsu.edu/campuslife 


Louisiana Delta Service Corps: Earn college tuition after a term of service

     Contact: Betsy Irvine, birvine@ladeltacorps.org

     Website: www.ladeltacorps.org