Project Team

The PROTECCT-GLAM project team includes two Co-PIs from Louisiana State University and one Co-PI from Arizona State University. The Co-PIs are proud to also include over 30 graduate and undergraduate students as part of the research team. Finally, the team is supported by an active Advisory Board. 

Photograph of Edward Benoit

Edward Benoit, III is Associate Director and Associate Professor in the School of Information Studies at Louisiana State University. He is the coordinator of the archival studies and cultural heritage resource management programs. He received an MA in History, MLIS and PhD in Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research focuses on participatory and community archives, non-traditional archival materials, climate change, and archival education. He is the founder and director of the Virtual Footlocker Project, which examines the personal archiving habits of the 21st century soldier in an effort to develop new digital capture and preservation technologies to support their needs. He also is Co-PI on PROTECCT-GLAM, an IMLS-funded project focused on the impacts of climate change on cultural heritage institutions.

Photograph of Jill Trepanier


Jill Trepanier earned her B.A. in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (2007), a M.S. in Geography from Florida State University (2009), and a Ph.D. in Geography from Florida State University (2012). She is currently an Associate Professor in the Geography and Anthropology Department at Louisiana State University and also serves as the Director of Graduate Studies. Research interests include understanding extreme weather events (with a focus on tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico), tropical climatology, climate change, geographic information systems, risk assessment, and statistical methods. Ongoing research investigates climate change influences to galleries, libraries, archives, and museums; climate change impacts to local farm shareholders; climate change impacts to Native American cultural resources in the Gulf of Mexico; and K-12 education on climate science and extreme weather through a growing weather station network.

Photograph of Jennifer Vanos

Jennifer Vanos is an Associate Professor in the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University. She focuses on extreme heat, thermal comfort, and air pollution in her research, and examines health impacts on vulnerable populations, such as children and athletes. She is currently running numerous field projects in Arizona and collaborates with schools, government, and non-profits in community-based research.

Vanos is an active member of the Urban Climate Research Center at ASU and a scientific advisor for the Korey Stringer Institute. She currently serves on the executive board of the International Society of Biometeorology and is the chair of the Board on Environment and Health for the American Meteorological Society (AMS). She completed her PhD in 2012 at the University of Guelph in Canada and her post-doctoral degree with Health Canada.

Advisory Board

The PROTECCT-GLAM is supported by an advisory board comprised of climatologies and GLAM practitioners. The advisory board meets two to three times per year to provide the research team with vital feedback on the development of the the risk model. 


Student Support

The following undergraduate and graduate students have worked on the PROTECCT-GLAM project to date:

Emily Fisher

Annie Waddell

Jordan Kennedy

Haley Moore

Kaitlyn Bailey

Mandy Hatman

Mary Sidwell

Symonne Russell

Virginia Seger

Paige Boutte

Amanda Latta

Zoe Mohammad

Kyriel Felton

Erin Deliman

Breanna Benson-Pearce

Wendy Johnson

Allyson Russell

Baillie Pretzer

Christopher Reeder

Melissa McConnell

Lisa Dahlke

Kaitlynn Melear

Lillian Bodi

Savannah T. Lyle

Zach Lannes

Gwen L. Wells

Benjamin A. Teincuff

Jason M. Straight

Tiffany Rockwell

Shane T. Manthei

Jennifer L. Benner

Jane Fiegel

Amanda Lima

Elizabeth Rininger

Caroline Melinger

Deborah Metz-Andrews

Meryl Roepke

Karen Isaac

Mallory Collins