U.S. GLAM Dataset

After auditing the original data sources, over 15,000 entries needed further information, verification, or corrections. A team of undergraduate and graduate students updated these entries and the resulting dataset includes nearly 74,000 entries.

You may access the dataset and its documentation on the LSU Scholarly Repository. You may also view a map-based visualization of the data here. 

Feedback and Revisions

The information within the data file was based on external data files and all associated limitations apply to the combined data file. Although the project team reviewed and updated data entries, the fluid nature of repositories inherently leads to out-of-date information. More importantly, community-based GLAMs and those from underrepresented communities are not adequately included in the initial data file.

The PROTECCT-GLAM project team will address these limitations through open distribution of the data file and request GLAM community members submit missing institutions or revisions to included institutions via the project website. The project team will actively update the data file monthly through 2024 and quarterly thereafter.

Please use this form to provide feedback regarding a gallery, library, archive or museum that is not currently listed in the data file or to provide an updated address to an existing entry.


Dataset Citation

Please use the following recommended citation when using the dataset:

Benoit, III, E., Trepanier, J., Vanos, J., Moore, H., Bailey, K., Fisher, E., Waddell, A., Hatman, M., Sidwell, M., Russell, S., Seger, V., Boutte, P., Latta, A., Mohammad, Z., Felton, K., Deliman, E., Benson-Pearce, B., Johnson, W., Russell, A., Pretzer, B., Reeder, C., McConnel, M., Dahlke, L., Melear, K., Bodi, L., Lyle, S.T., Lannes, Z., Wells, G.L., Teincuff, B.A., Straight, J.M., Rockwell, T., Manthei, S.T., Benner, J.L., Fiegel, J., Lima, A., Rininger, E., Melinger, C., Metz-Andrews, D., Roepke, M., Isaac, K., and Collins, M. (2023). PROTECCT-GLAM dataset (September 2023) [Data Set]. https://digitalcommons.lsu.edu/sis_data/1/.