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APTM Leadership with CC&E's Dean D'Elia

CC&E Announces Outreach Fund Sponsored by APTIM

Local environmental industry leader works CC&E to help local students learn more about the environment.

D'Elia addresses gives a speech at graduation

A Look At D'Elia's Tenure As Dean

A retrospective of Dean D'Elia's tenure as the longest serving dean at LSU and the longest in the history of LSU.

Bedazzled graduation cap

Congratulations to CC&E's Fall Class of 2022!

The College of the Coast & Environment is excited to congratulate its latest graduates!

George Xue

Coupled Computer Modeling Can Help More Accurately Predict Coastal Flooding, Study Demonstrates

LSU researchers used a novel coupled computer modeling approach to accurately recreate the coastal flooding that occurred during Hurricane Florence, demonstrating that it is more accurate than traditional modeling approaches.

A map of the Louisiana coast

CC&E Study Shows Landbuilding in Davis Pond, Site of Freshwater Diversion

CC&E scientists say land is being created at one of two sites on Louisiana's coast

Fish Jumping

CC&E Celebrates World Fisheries Day

In honor of World Fisheries Day, here are a few highlights from the work of CC&E's fisheries researchers.

Li Checks Sensor

LSU Professor Captures Shockwaves from Volcano with Handmade Air Pressure Sensor

Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Professor Chunyan Li picked up the global atmospheric shockwaves sent out by the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano on air pressure sensors in his home and office.

LIDAR of a Mangrove Trunk

Letting Nature Lead the Fight - US Army Corps of Engineers Reinvests in LSU to Protect Military Infrastructure Using Nature-Based Designs

LSU researchers and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center are using the Louisiana coastline as a living laboratory as they team up to develop a set of engineering and design strategies to protect the Army's infrastructure and people.

CC&E Dean Chris D'Elia delivers opening remarks

LSU Co-hosts Superintendents from Across the Country in an Effort to Enhance STEM Education

CC&E joined with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System and LSU's College of Human Sciences and Education to host AASA, the school superintendent's association, for their STEM Leadership Consortium.

Mississippi River Bridge

The path to clean water: 50 years in the making

On the 50th anniversary of its passage, CC&E faculty discuss the local significance of the Clean Water Act as well as its future.

Map of Research Location

LSU Scientist leads a US team In International Effort to Understand Air-sea Gas Exchange in Labrador Sea

An LSU Scientist will be leading the US team as part of an international research expedition to the Labrador Sea

Map of Coastal Study Sites

Resistance and Resilience: The Impact of Weather Disturbances on the Louisiana and Texas Coast

With a new grant from NASA, LSU scientists will track the impact of severe weather disturbances on the coastal wetlands and estuaries in Louisiana and Texas.

Researchers retrieve a core sample

Sea Level Rise Sentinels: Documenting Biodiversity in the Rising Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

LSU scientists will be using innovative techniques to document biodiversity in the Gulf of Mexico as part of the NOAA's Marine Biodiversity Observation Network

A Coastal Wetland

LSU Researchers Join Multi-Institutional Team to Investigate Sources of Methane in Coastal Wetlands

Scientists will examine natural sources of the greenhouse gas methane along Louisiana's coast

Garbage at Side of the Road

Litter Tracker: LSU Professor Works to Find the Source of Baton Rouge Neighborhoods' Litter

Some of the litter in Baton Rouge neighborhoods may be coming from an unexpected source: the city's garbage trucks

Invasive House Mouse on Southeast Farallon Island

Little Rodent, Big Appetite: Researchers identify the dietary impacts of invasive mice on the Farallon Islands

Rodents on the Farallon Islands, the largest seabird breeding colony in the contiguous U.S., have had a large impact on the native ecosystem, says new research at LSU.

Green Turtle

New Research Sheds Light on Marine Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico

An LSU researcher releases the largest ever assessment of marine turtle diving behavior in the Gulf of Mexico.

Eva Legard School

CC&E Expands the Pipeline for a Diverse Workforce of Coastal and Environmental Scientists Through Partnerships with Four Local Schools

CC&E faculty partner with local school leaders to reach the next generation of coastal and environmental scientists.

LSU's Nancy Rabalais

Less Water in the Mississippi Means a Smaller Dead Zone This Year

LSU scientists determined the smaller size of the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico is primarily due to lower than expected river levels

Dr. Kevin L. Armbrust

Department of Environmental Sciences Chair Wins Prestigious ACS Fellowship

Department of Environmental Sciences Chair Kevin L. Armbrust was named a 2022 Fellow of the American Chemical Society

Salty Coastal Marshes Are Moving Inland

Salty Coastal Marshes Are Moving Inland

LSU Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Professor Emeritus John Day recently co-authored a study highlighting the nature of coastal wetland loss in Louisiana and around the country. The study was published on July 1 in Science Advances, a publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences.

Nuclear Cloud

How Nuclear War Would Affect Earth Today

A new study published today provides stark information on the global impact of nuclear war.

Aerial view of Virginia barrier islands.

Protecting Our Coastline

LSU oceanographer develops new model to better predict barrier island retreat

Congratulations to CC&E's Spring Class of 2022!

Congratulations to CC&E's Spring Class of 2022!

On May 20, the LSU College of the Coast & Environment awarded degrees to 32 graduates of the spring class of 2022.