Ace Tests

Ace Tests


Testing demonstrates your knowledge and mastery of course content. However, there are several factors that can affect your performance. Use the tips and strategies in this section to help you build your confidence and ace your tests.

General Test Taking Strategies

Have you ever drawn a blank on a test? Use our General Test Taking Strategies handout to help you succeed on a variety of test formats regardless of the subject.

Objective Test Taking Strategies

Objective style questions appear on many exams across content areas. This Objective Test Taking Strategies handout will provide tips and strategies for this type of questioning.

Subjective and Essay Test Taking Strategies

Writing responses in a timed setting can be intimidating. However, our Subjective and Essay Tips can help you write an effective response and ace that essay.

Examine Returned Tests

After an exam, learning from missed questions can help you in the future. When possible, review your graded exam – you may have to meet with your instructor during office hours. Use the Examine Returned Tests tool to assist in your post-test evaluation.