Financial Management Resources


When setting yourself up for financial success, you first have to establish a budget! Here are our steps to get started:

  1. Open up our free Budgeting Worksheet!
  2. Track your spending for one month to know your personal spending habits and lifestyle.
  3. Compare what you actually spent for the month versus your actual income for the month including any extra income you may have received.
  4. Determine your projected costs and income for the following month based on your actual spending.
  5. Update your budget regularly and visit our office for tips on better money management!

And if all else fails, just remember not to buy stuff you cannot afford. (Courtesy of SNL.)

Budgeting Apps We Recommend:


Student Loans

If you are thinking about taking out loans for school or are preparing to graduate, be sure to visit LSU Financial Aid for advising on student loans, scholarships and your eligibility!

  • Be sure to borrow smart and not take out more loans than you need.
  • Look into other sources of aid.
  • Use the Repayment Estimator to calculate what you owe and choose the repayment plan that is best for you.
  • Visit the Financial Aid office upon graduation for Loan Exit Counseling.  

Establishing Proper Credit

  • Talk with your parents/guardians about expectations and responsibilities when first getting a credit card.
  • Use your credit card for emergencies or purchases that you can pay off on time using your budget.
  • Keep track of all purchases in your budget to make sure you build good credit.
  • Visit to check your current credit score.


  • Create savings goals using our free Financial Goals Worksheet so you have something to work toward and help you stay disciplined with your finances.
  • Think about also setting money aside for an emergency fund for unexpected occurrences.
  • Treat yourself like a bill and ‘pay yourself first.' Instead of waiting to see what you have left over from your income, plan ahead and automatically set aside for your savings account as soon as you can.

Why pay twice? Many students spend money on services, items, events, and activities already available to them at no additional cost or discounted rates. Spend wisely!

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