Accounting for a New Adventure

February 09, 2024

Kaleb Huckeba and Reka Perry embrace on their wedding day; the photo is taken in a lush green location and the couple is in wedding attire.

United in love for each other and their passion for living abroad, accounting graduates Kaleb Huckeba and Reka Perry took a calculated risk to make their dreams come true in Europe. 

BATON ROUGE - For many, the thought of leaving everything behind to embark on a journey to Europe may seem like a distant dream. But for Kaleb Huckeba (BS Accounting '17, MAcc '18) and Reka Perry (BS Accounting '15, Macc '16), this dream became a reality as the couple took a risk to pursue their passion for living abroad.

Huckeba began his professional journey at KPMG Houston as an external auditor. His dedication and hard work led him to pass all four parts of the CPA exam while working full-time. After his stint at KPMG, he transitioned to the role of a senior technical accountant for a mid-sized fitness software company, where he became the primary subject matter expert in software development and various complex accounting areas. However, Huckeba yearned for the client-service aspect he had missed, which prompted his move to a national accounting advisory firm as a supervising senior consultant in the technical accounting service line.

Perry obtained her CPA license and worked as an external auditor at Ernst & Young (EY) before venturing into an internal auditor role at a Fortune 500 oil and gas company, where she played a vital role in streamlining and enhancing various processes. However, her fondness for financial accounting and client service pulled her towards a position at a national accounting advisory firm. As a senior technical accounting advisor at CFGI, Perry engaged in diverse financial transactions, including acquisitions, SPACs, and unique data transformation and tax restructuring projects.

While both enjoyed success in their corporate accounting careers, Huckeba and Perry shared a lifelong dream of living in Europe. When an opportunity arose to move to Hungary, Perry’s home country, they made the bold decision to seize it. They packed their bags and, along with their two dogs, embarked on a new adventure. In Budapest, they immersed themselves in the local culture and lifestyle while working part-time as independent accounting contractors. It was in Hungary that they found a lifestyle that resonated with their goals.

Their time in Budapest marked a unique “life pause” during which they enjoyed the fruits of living in Europe. However, Huckeba and Perry were ready to continue their journey and careers. Perry secured a remarkable role at EY Switzerland, which prompted the couple to move to Basel. This decision marked the next chapter in their incredible journey.

The couple’s diverse experiences and career paths have been invaluable, shaping their professional and personal growth. Their advice to others is clear: sometimes, taking a calculated risk and embracing opportunities can lead to an extraordinary life.

This story originally appeared in Tiger Tactics, the Department of Accounting's annual magazine.