From Flores MBA to Strategic Success


Lauren Grant Mitchell headshot

      Lauren Grant Mitchell, Flores MBA Alum '16

Management consulting is an ever-changing industry that shifts as the needs of clients shift, pulling in multiple disciplines to help organizations solve a variety of issues. In fact, the industry is expected to grow by 14% in 2023, more than double the national average. Management consulting is also one of the many specializations offered through the full-time and one-year tracks in the Flores MBA Program, preparing students to tackle a full range of challenges that businesses face and offer solutions that improve organizations' performance. Within the specializations, students partner with businesses to create plans for things like organizational strategy, human capital, and financials.

While in the program, Flores MBA Alum Lauren Grant Mitchell (MBA '16) chose management consulting as one of her specializations and has used her specialized skills in a previous role at Deloitte and in her current role at Grant Thornton. Recently, we caught up with Mitchell and heard about her experience working for two large consulting firms. 


What have you been up to since graduating from the Flores MBA Program? 

Mitchell: The past seven years have truly flown by! I moved from Houston to Atlanta in 2020,  switched companies in 2022, and got married in 2023! I am very blessed and loving every bit of life so far. 


What has your experience been like working for two large accounting and consulting firms like Deloitte and Grant Thornton? 

Mitchell: Working for Deloitte and Grant Thornton has provided me with valuable experience. It’s taught me the importance of client-centric marketing, adapting strategies to different industries, brand management, and working under pressure. I also love the culture at both companies and immediately felt a sense of belonging, especially with the presence of LSU alumni colleagues at both firms. 


What did you do to get your foot in the door with these big accounting firms? 

Mitchell: I took proactive steps such as pursuing my MBA with specializations in consulting and internal audit, gained practical experience through internships, networked with professionals in the industry, tailored my resume, and prepared for interviews. The Flores MBA Program was significant in helping me demonstrate my qualifications and commitment to the field, ultimately opening doors to opportunities at many prestigious firms. 


What advice would you give someone preparing to work for a large accounting and consulting firm? 

Mitchell: Be curious, embrace challenges, and embark on new relationships. You aren’t going to know everything, and that’s OK – you will learn new things every day, and before you know it, you will be seven years into your career absolutely loving what you do.



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