Industrial Engineering & MBA

The path to the executive engineer.

The Industrial Engineering (IE) / Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides high-achieving undergraduate industrial engineering students an option to complete both a Bachelor of Science of Industrial Engineering (BSIE) degree in the LSU College of Engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree in the E. J. Ourso College of Business in five years. Pursuing these degrees independently would take six or more years to complete.

Earning a BSIE and an MBA provides a jump-start to a career where understanding engineering science and business studies is critical. Adding an MBA to your engineering curriculum can position you as a bridge between technical experts and corporate leadership once in the workforce.


STEM Designated

The Flores MBA Program now offers a STEM designation across our curriculum. Incorporating a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) framework with core business principles, this transformative MBA pathway equips students with industry-specific skills to make data-driven decisions in dynamic business environments. 

International students in STEM degree programs can apply for a 24- month STEM extension of their F-1 Optional Practical training. 


Curriculum & Program Structure

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IE/MBA students accelerate their undergraduate program through advanced placement credit and summer, intersession, and independent study work, so most requirements for their BSIE program are met by the end of junior year. Students can earn up to nine credit hours of MBA 7000 level coursework, which applies to the technical elective requirement in the BSIE undergraduate curriculum. These courses must be taken while also enrolled in the MBA program.

Additionally, students pursue an internship during the summer following their senior (fourth) year, which counts towards three credit hours of the MBA elective requirement and the IE tech elective A.

Students admitted to the MBA program are awarded their BSIE degree during their fourth year and an MBA degree during their fifth year of study.

3/2 BS Industrial Engineering & MBA

Freshman Year

  • CHEM 1201 General Chemistry I (3)
  • IE 1002 Industrial Engineering Fundamentals (3)
  • IE 2400 Methods and Systems Engineering (3)
  • ENGL 1001 English Composition (3)
  • MATH 1550 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (5)
  • MATH 1552 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (4)
  • PHYS 2110 Particle Mechanics (3)
  • PHYS 2108 Introductory Physics Laboratory (1)
  • CMST 1061 Fundamentals of Communication (3) or
  • CMST 2060 Public Speaking (3)

Total Hours: 33

Freshman Summer and Intersessions

  • PHYS 2112 Fluids, Thermodynamics, Waves, and Modern Physics (3)
  • General Education arts, humanities, social sciences course (6)

Total Hours: 9


Sophomore Year

  • BIOL 1001 General Biology (3) or
  • BIOL 1201 Biology for Science Majors I (3)
  • IE 3201 Principles of Engineering Economy (3)
  • CE 2450 Statics (3)
  • ECON 2030 Economic Principles (3)
  • EE 2950 Comprehensive Electrical Engineering (3)
  • IE 2060 Introduction to the Use of Computers (3)
  • IE 3302 Engineering Statistics (3)
  • MATH 2090 Elementary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (4)
  • ME 2733 Materials of Engineering (3)
  • ME 3633 Manufacturing Processes & Methods (3)

Total Hours: 31


Sophomore Summer and Intersessions

  • General Education arts, humanities, social sciences course (6)
  • IE Tech Elective A (3)


Total Hours: 9


Junior Year* 

* (take GMAT, apply to MBA)

  • CE 3400 Mechanics of Materials (3)
  • IE 3520 Supply Chain Logistics I (3)
  • IE 4362 Advanced Engineering Statistics (3)
  • IE 4453 Quality Control & Six Sigma (3)
  • IE 4461 Human Factors Engineering (3)
  • IE 4516 Plant and Systems Design (3)
  • IE 4113 Information Technology Project Management (3) or
  • ISDS 4113 Information Technology Project Management (3)
  • IE 4530 Lean Manufacturing Systems (3) (also counts as MBA elective)
  • IE 4425 Information Systems Engineering (3) (also counts as MBA elective)
  • IE 4520 Supply Chain Logistics II (3) (also counts as MBA elective)
  • ENGL 2000 English Composition (3)

Total Hours: 33


Fourth Year - Fall

  • BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
  • BADM 7020 Managerial Statistics (3)
  • BADM 7030 Understanding Financial Information (3) (also counts as IE Tech Elective B)
  • BADM 7100 Marketing Administration (3)
  • IE 4597 Industrial Engineering Capstone Design I (2)

Total Hours: 12


Fourth Year - Spring

  • BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
  • BADM 7120 Operations Management (3)
  • BADM 7060 Elements of Cost Management (3)
  • BADM 7090 Financial Management (3) (also counts as IE Tech Elective B)
  • IE 4598 Industrial Engineering Capstone Design II (2)

Total Hours: 12

Award Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


Fourth Year - Summer (after graduation with BSIE)

  • BADM 7000 Internship in Business Administration (3)

Total Hours: 3


Fifth Year - Fall

  • BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
  • BADM 7200 Economic Environment of the Firm (3)
  • BADM 7050 Information Systems (3)
  • BADM 7070 Understanding Behavior in Organizations (3)
  • MBA Elective (2)

Total Hours: 12


Fifth Year - Spring

  • BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
  • BADM 7190 Managing Sources of Competitive Advantage (3)
  • BADM 7140 Legal Environment of Business (3)

Total Hours: 7


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Flores MBA students can put their skills to action in real-world case competitions, travel abroad, and innovative projects. 

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