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Internship Program

The LSU CIA has a highly successful internship program. Through an internship, students receive on-the-job training which provides valuable learning experiences. Each summer 75-150 students work on internal audit staffs across the country. The internship program has been expanded to include Fall and Spring Internships. Over 2,500 LSUCIA students have been placed in internship positions as of 2017.

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The advantages of the internship include:

  • 3 hours credit
  • $10 - 32 per hour compensation
  • Valuable professional experience
  • Potential job offer
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career development
  • Preparation for full-time interviews
  • Insight for fall course

Placement Rates

The placement rate of the internship is very much dependent on the well-being of the economy, and hence the hiring ability of the major corporations. For the last few years, the placement rate for our students has been in the range from 70% to 90%. In other words, approximately three-fourths of the class received the opportunity to intern with the prestigious companies who recruit from the LSUCIA program.  


Our program offers students the ability to work outside Louisiana.  Students are recruited from companies located across the world and which allows students the flexibility to work in any city.  Recently, New York and California seem to grow in terms of attractiveness, although Texas remains in the lead.  

2005 - 2017 LSUCIA Internship Locations

2005 - 2017 LSUCIA Internship Locations


1985 - 2017 LSUCIA Internship Placements

1985 - 2017 LSUCIA Internship Placements

Salary and Travel

LSUCIA interns receive paid internships and generally earn between $10 and $32 an hour, depending on location and company policy. The 2016 intern class earned on average $23 per hour. The amount of travel depends on the organization and the type of audit engagement. Internal auditors are typically expected to travel 26% of the time on average. Most auditors travel domestically; however, there are opportunities to travel internationally.

2017-2018 Recruiters

Many highly recognized and prestigious local and international companies recruit from the LSU CIA program every fall. Not only internships but also full time offers are available throughout the year for which the program facilitates the connection to recruiters. The companies that hired interns from the 2017 LSUCIA class are:

LSU CIA Recruiters 2017