Trisha Ball: The Nucleus of LSU's Life Sciences Buildings

June 17, 2024

If you've ever stepped foot in the Life Sciences Building or Annex at LSU, chances are you've encountered a familiar face – Trisha Ball. Often described as the glue that holds everything together within the bustling academic hubs, she recently received the LSU Staff Stripes Award.

Trisha Ball

For more than five years, Ball has shown exceptional leadership and dedication as the Building Manager for Biological Sciences. She has navigated numerous challenges, ranging from electrical outages and elevator malfunctions to floods, fires, insect infestations and unexpected encounters with wildlife.

Ball does more than just manage buildings. She looks after biology’s vehicles, runs the shipping office, supervises students and works closely with the Department Chair to make sure everyone has the space they need. 

"I feel very grateful," said Ball. "Winning an award like this can be done, don't think it can't. Keep striving to be the best you can in your position."

This award adds to Ball's list of recognitions, including the Building Coordinator Spotlight Award she received in 2019. 

"It's awesome to be recognized, and it's not easy managing two large science buildings, so I'm really grateful," Ball said. "I want to strive to be the best for everyone in Life Sciences. I'm going to continue to strive to be the best for y'all."