PhD Student Named One of '30 Under 30' by the Arab America Foundation

June 30, 2023

Friday Harbor

The rocky habitats Jawad is studying this summer at Friday Harbor, where he is comparing how behavioral and physiological responses to heat stress can differ between snails from cooler and hotter regions

Wissam Jawad is a Ph.D. researcher with the Kelly Lab in the Biology Department at Louisiana State University. His research focuses on understanding how increasing extreme weather events due to climate change can impact marine communities in coastal ecosystems. Wissam’s research involves studying how animals can use behavior, physiological, and genetic responses to deal with heat stress. In particular, he aims to understand how heat events can alter interactions between species, and if some species will be more vulnerable to climate change than others because of changes in these interactions. In addition to his research, Jawad aims to work towards providing more opportunities for minority students to get involved in research and to learn how to do science in the field. 

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