Non-LSU Youth Protection Program Registration

Please review the following information before starting the web form:

To complete the Program Registration Form, you will need the following information

  • Youth Program Name
  • Program Description Objective(s) of Youth Program
  • Program Director and the program’s designated contact person’s information (name and email)
  • Program start and end date
  • Number of occurrences per fiscal year (such as the number of times a camp will meet within a specific year)
  • Program’s location (s)
  • Number of staff members (estimate)
  • Number of volunteers (estimate, if any)
  • Number of minor participants (estimate)
  • Age range of participants
  • Whether or not the program will use dining facilities or involve overnight stay

Upon completion of the Program Registration Form and Background Check and Training Verification Forms, the Program Administrator and/or Program Coordinator will receive an PM-16 approval notification from the LSU Office of Risk Management.

  • By submitting this form, you verify that you will ensure your youth program complies with the background check standards and training requirements created by the LSU Office of Risk Management in accordance with PM-16
  • Per PM-16, Program Administrators responsible for ensuring that all their youth program complies with the policy’s requirements.
  • Background Check and Training Verification Form

A non-LSU youth program is a program in which minors will be physically present and participating using any LSU facilities, property, or areas controlled by LSU (a non-LSU program is not one that is hosted, supervised, guided or provided program oversight by LSU.) Key PM-16 requirements for non-LSU programs include registration, training, background checks, and an executed University agreement.  

Youth Programs include but are not limited to:

  • athletic sports camps
  • mentoring programs
  • day camps
  • academic competition
  • alumni weekend activities
  • 4-H programs
  • workshops
  • field trips
  • academic programs
  • research activities
  • conferences