Quick Response Flood Control Kit Program

In an effort to mitigate the impact of water damage to LSU’s operations and property, Risk Management, in partnership with Facility Services, has created the Quick Response Flood Control Kit Program. This program will provide departments and our custodian team with an innovative and easy to use sand-less flood barrier system to deploy during a flash flood or other water damage event. When deployed in doorways, around water entry points, and high value contents, the flood barrier system will hold back water to limit the impacted area while Facility Services responds to the event. For any loss when the flood barriers are deployed , Risk Management will waive the department’s $1,000 deductible

Flood Kit Contents

The kits will consist of water activated flood barriers (5ft) and polyethene sheets (9x12ft). The flood kits are available in two sizes: large (five gallon buckets) and small (two gallon bags). The large kits will hold eight flood barriers and four polyethene sheets. The large kit availability is prioritized for high risk areas, such as basements or locations with a history of water damage incurred through flooding. The small kits will hold three flood barriers and three polyethene sheets.  

Cost: Purchase and Refills

There is no cost to participate in the Quick Response Flood Control Kit Program, however availability will be limited to funding. Flood Kit refills will be provided when the flood barriers are deployed for a loss reported to Risk Management. Departments may also purchase refills or additional flood barriers for their Quick Response Flood Kit via Workday, utilizing the Grainger Master Contract.


Distribution of flood kits will begin in June 2018.