Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to University employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses arising out of and during the course and scope of employment. LSU’s workers’ compensation program is designed to treat injured employees with dignity and respect while managing the workers’ compensation claims to the highest standards and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

The workers’ compensation program is managed through LSU’s Office of Risk Management and administered by CorVel Corporation, one of the nation’s leading claims management organizations.

Claim Guidelines

Reporting of employee work related accidents/illnesses is done through the employee injury call center at 877-764-3574 and not by the online accident/incident reporting form.

Medical Emergencies

For a medical emergency where there is significant injury, the supervisor or anyone on site should call LSU Police at 225-578-3231.  The employee’s health and safety is the primary concern and so, when in doubt, the LSU Police should be called. 

As soon as possible the employee should call the CorVel Employee Injury Call Center to speak to the registered nurse: 877-764-3574.  If the employee is unable to complete the call timely then it is recommended that the Supervisor call to report the incident.

Emergency Rooms should only be used for true emergencies or if instructed to go there by the nurse at the Employee Injury Call Center

A claim for workers’ compensation may be denied if the employee is intoxicated or using a non-prescribed controlled substance at the time of the incident upon which the claim is based.

Claims Process for Workplace Injuries (other than medical emergencies) 

CorVel’s Employee Injury Call Center -- 24-Hour Nurse on Call:  877-764-3574 (toll free)

  • Injured employee reports the incident to his/her supervisor.
  • Supervisor explains the workers’ compensation process and instructs the employee to call the Employee Injury Call Center.
  • Employee calls and speaks to the CorVel nurse privately; please remain on phone to receive a reference number.
  • If the employee requests that the supervisor also be on the phone call with the nurse, then this is acceptable.

 CorVel Nurse Speaks to Employee

  • Nurse discusses the incident/injury and obtains basic information from the employee.
  • Nurse evaluates the nature of the incident and determines the employee’s immediate medical needs.
  • Nurse instructs the employee on his/her next course of action

CorVel “Advocacy 24/7 Intake Report” and Follow-up

  • Nurse talks with employee’s supervisor, if available, to report plan of action (employee will be informed that supervisor will not be provided confidential health information).
  • Nurse schedules an appointment with the medical provider and sends a treatment authorization directly to the provider.
  • Nurse sends the employee a workers’ compensation pharmacy card, if applicable
  • Nurse enters the incident into CorVel’s claim system and a notice is sent immediately to:
    • CorVel Claims Adjuster
    • LSU Risk Management
    • LSU Environmental Health and Safety

On-Going Claim Administration and Return-to-Work

  • The CorVel claims adjuster will explain the claim process to the employee.
  • The CorVel claims adjuster will keep Risk Management aware of the progress of the claim.
  • The CorVel claims adjuster will manage and monitor the claim, working closely with the injured employee, LSU Risk Management, and medical providers. The goal is to provide a personalized treatment program to meet the employee’s specific needs.
  • If the employee is unable to work due to the injury, the Claims Adjuster and Risk Management will monitor the situation and work together with the supervisor to have the employee return as quickly as possible to his or her position, based on the recovery status and other factors. The department shall assist in returning the employee to work, including making accommodations when applicable (for additional information, see PS-90).
  • The supervisor and employee can contact LSU Risk Management for questions regarding absences and leave pay while out on a work-related injury. 


LSU Risk Management provides posters and other printed material to departments in an effort to make all employees aware of the workers' compensation claims process. Request to receive posters and other aids for your department.

LSU Risk Management staff are also available to present a brief presentation on the "ABC's of Workers’ Compensation," which will review how to file a claim and discuss the benefits and protections provided under State law. This presentation can be presented at departmental meetings or other events for your employees. Please contact our office if you would like to schedule the "ABC's of Workers' Compensation" presentation.  

LSU Risk Management CORVEL

Darlene Sibley, Claims Coordinator
Telephone: 225-578-3297
Fax: 225-578-3577

Julie Constant, Designated Adjuster
Telephone: 504-335-0079
Fax: 866-913-1383

Dayton White
Telephone: 225-578-3603
Fax: 225-578-3577

24-Hour Nurse on Call
  Medical Emergencies - LSU Police