Apply for the Scripps Howard summer scholarship grant

The Scripps Howard Foundation will select one Manship student to receive a summer award based on an application that reflects the criteria outlined below.

The award is $3,000 with a $500 follow-up scholarship grant. Although Scripps Howard encourage placement in an unpaid internship, the award may supplement a paid internship in a large, expensive market. Placements may be at Scripps operating units (sites listed at or at other employment.


Criteria for eligible internships:

  • minimum of 10 weeks for a minimum of 35 hours per week
  • placement must be in a multimedia position, or as a news producer, or in an environment that offers sales, entrepreneurial, social media or digital communications experience
  • internship may be a paid or unpaid placement and may or may not be at a Scripps operating unit
  • may not be at a Scripps operating unit’s direct competitor
  • no freelance arrangements will be approved


How to apply:

First obtain a summer internship that meets the above criteria;

Submit a resume, letter or email from your internship supervisor detailing your internship job description; and a short cover letter explaining why you will intern at the said employer and are applying for the award.

Submit these by the deadline: Wednesday, April 26, at 4:00 PM to Mary Ann Sternberg—internship coordinator,