Conference Tips for Graduate Students

Call for Papers:
What organizers post to advertise their conferences & ask for the submission of abstracts (Mostly French)
~500 word (varies)
·     A summary of your proposed presentation, sent to conference organizers.
Tips for deciding which conferences to attend:
·     Does the topic align with my research interests?
·     Is the keynote speaker an expert in my field?
·     Is this a well-known conference that will look impressive on my CV? (e.g. "century" conferences, MLA, ACLA, etc.)
·     Do I know anyone else who is going? (Less important but it may result in the possibility of splitting accommodation and/or      transportation costs)
·     How much is the conference fee and what does it include? How much does it cost to become a member of the organization? ®Is it worth the cost?
Funding Sources:
LSU graduate school-
·     PhD students are eligible for 3 awards (up to $450).
·     Applyat least 1 month prior to the conference
·     If approved, you will receive the money after the conference
·     Keep all documentation so you can turn them in after the conference and make copies for your records(e.g. plane tickets, conference programs, food receipts, transportation receipts, etc.)
LSU college of humanities and social sciences-
·     Up to $400
·     Reimbursed after the conference
·     See LSU graduate school rules
American Comparative Literature Association Travel Grant: 
·     $200 to attend the annual conference
Ø Modern Language Association Graduate Student Travel Grant:
·     $400 to attend the annual conference
·     You can only receive this once during your graduate studies
Graduate Student Conferences:
·     Generally not funded by LSU
·     Good to practice presenting, but not as prestigious as national and international conferences
·     Good opportunity to network with other grad students & conference fees are generally lower
·     My advice: stay local! Go to local grad student conferences in Louisiana (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of New Orleans, Loyola, Tulane, etc.) & to the ones at LSU (English Mardi Gras Conference, Department of French Studies, Comparative Literature).
·     The LSU Comparative Literature Graduate Association conference will be March 29-30, 2019and we will have the CFP ready in a few months. Mark your calendars!
·     Create a clear outline that will be easy to follow for someone unfamiliar with your topic
·     Time yourself reading your paper out loud to be sure that you are respecting the time limits