“The Graduate Journal of the Program in Comparative Literature” of Emory University


CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal*
“Publishes scholarship in the widest definition of the discipline of comparative literature and culture and [...] combines traditional comparative literature with comparative cultural studies.” (University of Alberta)


Bryn Mawr Review of Comparative Literature


Chair et Métal
LSU’s own project


A journal for critical debate on literature in English (from Middle English to the present), in historical context. (Englisches Seminar, WWU Münster)


Critical Inquiry
“Critical exchange and scholarly debate in all areas of the arts and humanities….aimed at the general reader interested in contemporary cultural issues.” (U. of Chicago)


Each issue of this journal “features articles in which contributors compare and analyze books on particular theoretical works and develop their own positions on the theses, methods, and theoretical implications of those works.” (Project Muse)


Literary Research / Recherche Littéraire/Studii Literare *


New Literary History
This journal outlines “the reasons for literary change, the definitions of periods, and the evolution of styles, conventions and genres.” (Project Muse)


Philosophy and Literature
A journal which explores “the dialogue between literary and theoretical studies and philosophy.” (Project Muse)


An electronic journal for comparative literature.


Yale Journal of Criticism


Eighteenth Century Life
Studies all aspects of European life during the enlightenment


Eighteenth Century Studies
Studies of all aspects of Eighteenth Century life, including literature.


Journal of the History of Ideas
“Examines the evolution of ideas and their influence on historical developments….covers several fields of historical study including the history of philosophy, literature, the natural and social sciences, religion, the arts, and culture in general.


The Lion and the Unicorn
“A theme- and genre-centered journal of international scope committed to a serious, ongoing discussion of literature for children.”


Literature and Medicine
“Showcases the creative and critical work of renowned physician-writers, leading literary scholars, and medical humanists.”


Modernism / Modernity
Concentrates on “the period extending roughly from 1860 to the present…focuses systematically on the methodological, archival, and theoretical exigencies particular to modernist studies. It encourages an interdisciplinary approach linking music, architecture, the visual arts, literature, and social and intellectual history.”


Modern Fiction Studies
“Devoted to criticism and scholarship of fiction of the twentieth century,” this journal contains “essays in cultural criticism,” as well as “articles on prominent works of modern and contemporary literature” and book reviews.


Postmodern Culture
An electronic journal of interdisciplinary criticism.


A journal dedicated to Medieval Studies. “The primary geographic focus is on Western Europe, but Byzantine, Hebrew, Arabic, and Slavic Studies are also included.”


Studies in the Renaissance


Renaissance Quarterly


Renaissance News


(Italian): “Si propone di tracciare traits d’union tra punti isolati del sistema letterario, mostrando convergenze documentate tra temi, modalità formali e percorsi di ispirazione distanti sull’asse cronologico o sulla mappa geografica.”


Zeitschrift für allgemeine und vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft


” Revista Internacional de Literatura Comparada”


Literary journal published by post-grad students of Comparative Literature at the University of Bergen, Norway.


Applied Semiotics/Sémiotique Appliquée*
(English and French)
A bilingual academic journal devoted to literary semiotic research.(U. of Toronto)


(English and German)
Selected articles from The Second Dimension, which intends to continue the tradition started in 1968 with the bilingual journal Dimension.


Electronic Bulletin of the Dante Society of America*
(English and Italian)
Criticism, translation, speculation.


An “international journal covering aspects of European culture, art, civilisation and ways of living,” with contributions “from experts in the relevant areas [...]”


(English and German)
Published on the Web twice a year; the “internationale Zeitschrift zur Literatur, Film, und Kunst nach 1945.”


MLN: Modern Language Notes
Published five times a year, each time with one of five topics: Comparative Literature, Italian, German, Hispanic, or French


Canadian Review of Comparative Literature
(English and French, occasionally Italian, German, or Russian)
“Provides a forum for scholars engaged in the study of literature from both an international and an intra- and multi-disciplinary point of view.”


Colloquium Helveticum*




Journal of Comparative Literature Studies*
Publication of the Penn State University


Comparative Criticism*
“An annual journal of comparative literature and cultural studies” containing “major articles on literary theory and criticism; on a wide range of comparative topics; and on interdisciplinary debates.” (Cambridge University Press)


New Comparison*
“A journal of Comparative and General Literary Studies” (BCLA: British Comparative Literature Association)


Papers on Language and Literature
“A journal for Scholars and Critics of Language and Literature” (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville)