Travel Fund Guidelines

Graduate Student Conference Travel

The college provides an additional $400 for travel for graduate students who are presenting papers at a conference and have already secured approval and funding from the Graduate School. You must be the first author of the paper and must be presenting it in person. When you return and file for reimbursement, contact your department support staff person for instructions. Each department is dealing with graduate student travel differently.

If you have exhausted the limit of three supported trips in your graduate career allowed by the Graduate School, you may apply for support for one trip per academic year from the college. You may submit a petition to Associate Dean Elsie Michie, 132 Hodges Hall for additional funding  if your conference is a high profile one which will significantly improve your and LSU’s reputation. Besides your petition, which need not be more than half a page, you should include a letter or e-mail of acceptance by the conference and a letter or e-mail from your advisor or faculty member in support of your travel and describing the importance of this particular conference to your work and career. The petition should include a statement that you have permanently used up your allotted funds from the Graduate School and list the conference presentations you made on those trips. First priority will go to national and out-of-state conferences and low priority will be given to for conferences that focus largely on graduate student work. Funding is extremely limited, but your needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis as long as our annually budgeted support fund allows. You will be notified by e-mail if the petition has been approved and further directions will  be included in the e-mail. University travel rules apply in all cases and travel arrangements should be handled within the department. Please work with the support staff person in your department for assistance. Each department is dealing with graduate student travel differently.