Herbaria in Louisiana

Code Institution Specimens Specialty Updates Contact

University of Louisiana at Lafayette 107,000 Vascular plants of LA; pteridophytes of SE US.   Unknown
LSU Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge 400,000 Vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens of SE US; crustose lichens world-wide; Asteraceae, Fabaceae, Poaceae worldwide. Incorporated NO, MCN, Eglin Air Force Base Herbarium and portions of LSUS, NLU and TTRS. Laura Lagomarsino, Director
LSUA Louisiana State University at Alexandria 17,000 Vascular plants of Central LA.   Nathan Sammons, Curator and Department Chair
LSUM Louisiana State University Mycological Herbarium 18,000 Higher fungi of tropical American & US.   Laura Lagomarsino, Director
LSUS Louisiana State University of Shreveport 11,000 NW LA; North American Asclepiadaceae. 4k moved to LSU in 2016. Buzgo Matyas, Researcher
LTU Louisiana Tech University 82,000 Worldwide, especially LA, TX, MS, and AR.   Unknown
MC Jungle Gardens, Avery Island 300 Avery Island's native and cultivated species. Not available in SERNEC. Garrie Landry, Botanist
MCN McNeese State University 5,000 LA, especially SW; SE TX; vascular plants. Closed. 1.2k transferred to LSU in 2015. Laura Lagomarsino, Director
NATC Northwestern State University 20,000 Mostly SE US, particularly LA. Not available in SERNEC. S. Gabrey, Curator
NLU University of Louisiana at Monroe 460,000 Worldwide, esp. LA, Gulf South, and Sevier Co., TN; Ophioglossaceae; Kisatchie National Forest. 400k transferred to BRIT; 60k repatriated to LSU in 2018. Tiana Rehman, Director
NO Tulane University 120,000 Worldwide, LA, SE US, Colorado Rocky Mtns., S CA, Yucatan; pteridophytes of Colombia & Brazil. Entire 120k moved to LSU in 2016. Laura Lagomarsino, Director
NOLS University of New Orleans 9,500 Central Am. Begoniaceae & Bromeliaceae; S LA. Closed. Transferred to USF in 2009. Arian Farid, Curator
SFRP Southern Research Station USFS 6,000 Vascular plants, especially Asteraceae, Cyperaceae, and Poaceae of LA and SE US.   David Moore, Botanist
SELU Southeastern Louisiana University 16,000 SE LA vascular plants.   Demetra Kandalepas, Lecturer
THIB Nicholls State University 25,000 LA; New World Leguminosae, especially Caesalpiniaceae, and Poaceae; seeds, mostly US.   Unknown
USLH ULL Ornamental Horticulture Herbarium 8,000 Native and cultivated species of LA.   Unknown
-- Ft. Polk US Army Base 4,500 Southwestern LA. Not available in SERNEC. Unknown
LAARB Louisiana State Arboretum 600 Evangeline Parish, Chicot State Park, Louisiana State Arboretum SPA   Kimberley Hollier, Interpretive Ranger III
KBL Kelley Botanical Library   Louisiana and surrounding states   John Michael Kelley, Curator

Last update: December 2022