Mission & Vision

We act as stewards of Louisiana’s biodiversity

An herbarium is like a library, but instead of a variety of books on shelves it has a diversity of dried plants and fungi in cabinets.


Mission Statement

The Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium is the hub of botanical and mycological research, education, and outreach for the state of Louisiana. Physical and virtual access to collections provides open access to vouchers of historic and scientific significance. Through our central location, cross-institutional collaborations, and strengths of personnel, we act as stewards of Louisiana’s biodiversity and provide a dynamic environment that fosters excellence in collections-based research, expertise in species identification, education opportunities, and outreach.

Vision Statement

The Herbarium shares the vision of the flagship campus to be an incubator for nationally and internationally recognized science.  With outstanding facilities and the state’s most comprehensive botanical collections, we strive to expand their value for collections-based research, education, and outreach. 

Louisiana's Largest Plant and Fungi Herbarium