We are pleased to collaborate with The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT).  Although all herbaria are partners to some degree, this particular partnership began with the divestment of the Louisiana State University, Monroe Herbarium (NLU).  While BRIT received the bulk of the collection, a subset of nearly 60,000 specimens were repatriated to Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (LSU).  We are working together to digitize the Louisiana herbaria and make these data available to researchers.  We join forces to grow our collections through an annual collection expedition along the Lousiana-Texas boarder each spring.  Some of the goals of this partnership is to collect material from understudied regions and grow BRIT’s live seed bank.

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A second partnership is between the Shirley C. Tucker (LSU) and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia's (COL) herbaria.  We are thrilled to partner with these herbaria to expand the research opportunities of neotropical plants in the Lagomarsino Lab and bolster the understanding of plant specimens from Colombia.