Herbarium Staff

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Laura Lagomarsino, PhD

Director & Associate Professor 
(225) 578-8555 
llagomarsino1 AT 


Jennifer Kluse, MSc

Collections Manager 
(225) 578-8564 
jkluse AT 


Daniel Santamaría-Aguilar

Research Associate 
santamaria1 AT 


Christina Mozzicato

Research Associate 
cmozzicato AT 


Duangsamorn Boyd, MSc

Research Associate

dboyd20 AT


Graduate Student Curatorial Assistants


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janet Aislinn Mumford

Graduate Student Curatorial Assistant

amumfo5 AT


Emeritus Staff

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Lowell E. Urbatsch, PhD

Emeritus Professor 
leu AT 


Shirley C. Tucker, PhD

Emeritus Professor


Meredith Blackwell, PhD

Emeritus Professor

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1973 Mycology

Research Interests
My research interests focus on fungi, especially those associated with arthropods, including yeasts in the gut of beetles and Laboulbeniomycetes. Phylogenies incorporating sequences from rarely studied ascomycetes provided new clues to the evolution of Laboulbeniomycetes. More recently we have been interested in yeasts from the gut of beetles and other insects. Several newly enlarged ascomycete yeast clades inhabit the gut of mushroom-feeding beetles. Other yeasts, particularly unusual xylose-fermenters, are common in the gut of wood-ingesting beetles.
In addition my research has used a variety of techniques, including field and cultural studies, electron microscopy, and nucleic acid sequencing. I have two projects on the history of mycology with collaborators: A genealogy of North American mycologists and An oral history for mycology, a series of interviews with mycologists posted on YouTube. 

See CV for publications.

mblackwell AT


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Amber King

Super Volunteer - assoc. with City Nature Challenge


Undergraduate Assistants

  • Oliver Deal

  • Olivia Degreenia

Former Herbarium Affiliates

In chronological order starting with most recent

Photo Name Former Position and Current Contact

Janet Mansaray

Graduate Student Curatorial Assistant

jmansa1 AT


Carrie Barker, PhD

Graduate Student Curatorial Assistant & Research Associate

cbark16 AT

Diego Diego Paredes-Burneo

Graduate Student Curatorial Assistant and Web Designer

dpared1 AT


Benjamin Toups

Graduate Student Assistant  - coding

btoup15 At


Laymon Ball

Graduate Student Curatorial Assistant

lball4 AT


Genevieve Mount

Graduate Student Assistant - coding

genna.mount AT

Utah State Univ. & Univ. of Calif. Berkeley


Olivia Taylor

Research Associate 1


Hannah Douget

Research Associate 1


Laura Frost

Post Doc & Research Associate

lafrost AT

University of South Alabama


Yalma Rodriguez-Vargas

Graduate Student Curatorial Assistant

yalma.vargas AT academicos . udg . mx

Universidad Guadalajara, Mexico

Former Herbarium Undergradute Students

  • Zachary Sides
  • Fiona McClain
  • Maddie Dupree
  • Addie Durham
  • Oscar Tickle
  • Owen Nassif
  • Hannah Cauley-March
  • Basil Gaffney
  • Zoe Mixon
  • Cameron Lala
  • Ria Salway
  • Erin Nauman
  • Brandon Nuguyen
  • Christy Nuguyen
  • Sara Trapen
  • Lucas Ferguson
  • Philip Tabilin
  • Jaydon Govender
  • Amber Griffin
  • Abigayle Hogan
  • Mike Le
  • Jane Craig
  • Chase Mathey
  • And many, many more