Distinguished Student Leaders

The Distinguished Student Leaders in Construction Management designation was created to showcase students who have demonstrated exemplary academic and leadership abilities. To become a Distinguished Student Leader, students must fall into one of four categories: a member of the Sigma Lambda Chi honor society, a Construction Student Association officer, a student competition team member, or recognized as a distinguished communicator.

2022 Sigma Lambda Chi Members

  • Forster-Forson, Ato 
    Anderson, Kierra 
    Baglio, Dalton Anthony
    Bourgoyne, James Theodore
    Bradford, Gena Morris
    Chowaniec, Michael 
    Clayton, Sebastian Elliot
  • Conrad, Joshua 
    Corbello, Roger Paul
    Daigle, Darrell Ross
  • Deria, Anisha 
    Findlay, Deanna Lee
    Flores, Jerson Geovany
    Game, Daniel 
    Ghafari, Fatemeh 
    Gotham, Sydney Grace Kathleen
    Gray, Christopher Richard
    Griswold, Erin Lynn
    Hart, Conor James
    Hofschulte, Mark Joseph
  • Idris, Ipshit Ibne
    Johns, Carter Jacob
    Kucner, John T
    Lowe, William Ogden
    Lugenbuhl, Justin James
    Luke, Robert Matthew
    Manning, Eben 
    Metoyer, Lissa 
    Muley, Shashank 
    Paquette, Abigail Pearl

2021-2022 Construction Student Association Officers

Executive Board

  • President - Dalton Baglio
    Vice President - Rebecca Barrows
    Secretary - Evelyn Gonzales
    Treasurer - Alex Altmann
    Executive Aide - Brayden Huff 

Committee Chairs

  • Social Chair - Logan Halbrook
    Public Relations Chair - Katie Johnston
    Banquet Chair - James Bourgoyne​

Student Competition Team Member

NAHB Student Competition Team

  • Jacob Salm
  • Kyle Schmitt 
  • Colton Cowsar
  • Abel Turrubiartes 
  • Blaire Favors
  •  Caroline Smith
  • Meriam Saad Beshara 

ABC Student Competition Team

  • Rebecca Barrows Team Captain
    Brenna Maher Team Captain
    Charles Coleman
    John Stall
    Timothy Wolfe
    Abel Turrubiartes
    Katie Johnston
    Dalton Baglio
    Austin Taylor
    Jasmine Masse
    Zane Jones
    John Do
    Tyler Bruno

LSU Distinguished Communicator

LSU Distinguished Communicators is a unique academic excellence program where students work to refine their communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession.