Construction Management Graduate Student Association (CMGSA)

CMGSA is an organization of graduate students and alumni from the Construction Management Department at Louisiana State University. This organization strives to improve the academic and professional experience for Masters and Ph.D. student experience for the duration of their program. Graduate students are encouraged to be part of this organization and participate in workshops, seminars, and other events on and off campus. This organization creates an academic niche for graduate students to learn new skills, consult colleagues and seniors, collaborations, networking and building a successful professional career.

Vision: To promote the academic, research and professional development goals of its graduate students in the Department of Construction Management in the LSU College of Engineering as well as enhance the graduate student experience through diversity, inclusivity and cultural exchange.


  • Promote academic/research goals of CM graduate students
  • Provide professional development support for CM graduate students
  • Enhance graduate life experience


Full Name Position Email
Srikanth Bangaru President
Yamini Kodavatiganti Vice President
Prim Rose Dominic Savio General Secretary
Ricardo Hungiria Social Media Handler
Ilerioluwa Giwa Website Handler
group of students in cmgsa

2019 CMGSA Group Photo

students taking a selfie

CMGSA Pot Luck