Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Facilities Management 

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The primary purpose of the proposed online program is to make available to online students at Louisiana State University a certificate in facilities management (FM). The Certificate will be conferred upon students who demonstrate work of high merit that entails scholarship and outstanding academic achievement through six courses specifically designed for the program. Students who complete the requirements for the Certificate program will acquire a perspective on the role of Facility Manager. A launch of the FM certificate program will benefit the state of Louisiana and the nation by advancing the field of facility management and creating future industry leaders. 

This LSU FM Certificate program will attract various types of students at the national level due to it being offered online. Military veterans or veterans in the field can take advantage of the program while deployed. Business or architecture majors will seek the LSU certification as they begin a career change process into the industry. This program would also attract students from the various city municipalities, government agencies, large institutions, property management, and capital facility owners/supervisors of petro-chemical plants. 

Online Courses 

There will be six courses (18 credit hours) contained within the program. Four of them are new courses (see Appendix A for course syllabi): 

  • CM 3200 Building Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Systems Industrial Electrical Installations (3) Intended for post-baccalaureate leveling for non-CM majors. For residential and commercial buildings; design and construction of building MEP systems; emphasis on basic terminology, equipment and installation procedures, management of the complete MEP process, code compliance, and quality control issues. 
  • CM 4210 Construction Contracting (3) Credit will not be given for this course and CM 4211. Intended for post-baccalaureate leveling for non-CM majors. Principles and theory of construction company ownership and organization, the estimate and bid process, construction contracts, bonds, insurance, business methods and plans, management, administration, labor law and relations, safety, and avoidance of claims. 
  • [new] CM 4116 Professional Trends in Facility Management (3) Organizational, managerial, ethical and legal principles for the delivery of facility management services in the industrial setting. Special emphasis should include: the history of facility management; leadership; regulatory issues; legal issues; corporate culture; organizational frameworks; organization of the facility management function and team; policy and procedures; contracts and contract documents; accountability; and personnel management. 
  • [new] CM 4117 Human and Environmental Factors (3) Develop and implement industry practices that promote and protect health, safety, and security, the quality of work life, the environment and organizational effectiveness; develop and manage emergency preparedness procedures 
  • [new] CM 4118 Building Energy Performance Audits (3) Building energy use profile, obstacles and opportunities for efficiency improvement, Energy efficiency standards, Energy audit, Methods for estimating energy savings, Energy retrofits, challenges and opportunities, and Intelligent building systems. 
  • [new] CM 4119 Financial Analysis for Facility Management (3) Facilities investment decisions; budget development and execution; taxation; control of expenditures; and operational and long-term planning of industrial facilities and the facility management unit.