Computer Requirements for All Programs

Hardware Minimum
CPU (no Celeron) Intel Core i7
OS  Win 10 64-bit
Memory  16GB
Hard Disk 1TB 7200rpm
Video Built In
Wireless** 802.11g/n/ac
• Video conferencing capabilities minimum of 3.0 Mbps (up/down)
HD Camera Built In or External
Speakerphone Built In or External
Microphone Built In or External
Printer Access To or Have


Dell and Lenovo have established a pricing agreement that provides LSU faculty, staff and students with the ability to purchase hardware (laptops, and some desktops) at a reduced cost.  For more information, please visit the Tigerware hardware purchasing page.

*Size is user preference.

**Must be compatible with WPA-Enterprise/PEAP Security

Hardware  Useful Upgrades
Memory greater than 16GB
Hard Disk  SSD - 256GB or greater
Display  FHD/UHD
Video  2GB or larger discreet adapter
Wireless  greater than 802.11g/n/ac
Expansion External  USB dock with larger monitor / keyboard / mouse for residence hall and apartment use



LSU provides, free of charge, a basic package of software titles for students. Several additional software titles are also available through the Tigerware site.

Macs are not recommended