Library & Information Science Professor Publishes Book on Oil Spill Incidents



 Dr. Wu's book highlights the impacts of oil spills and

the methods professionals can take to improve them.


Dr. Yejun Wu, associate professor in the School of Library & Information Science, published a book in February that highlights the impacts of oil spills and the resources available to improve them.

Titled “Oil Spill Impacts: Taxonomic and Ontological Approaches,” the book chronicles a timeline of events that focus on the impact of oil spills and provides an understanding of these incidents using a number of approaches.

The book starts with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill and includes a methodology chapter, an oil spill taxonomy, and an oil spill topic map. It highlights and explains information–organization tools, such as indexes, taxonomies, and topic maps that can be used to connect information resources with concepts of interest.

The book serves students, teachers, and researchers interested in oil spill issues and incidents, and involves the fields of coastal and marine environmental sciences, biological sciences, chemistry, disaster management, geology, sociology, and government policy by addressing all impacts of oil spills.

Wu’s publication is already making an international impact. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change in Quebec, Canada calls the book "… extremely valuable to students and novices in the oil spill community."

Another Canadian publication, Spill Science, cites Wu’s book as "… an entirely new approach to the study of oil spill effects on the environment. The approach is a unique approach using a system of taxonomy and ontology to describe the effects of oil spills."

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