Omar Kana Awarded Most Improved Supplemental Instruction Leader, Hayden Hawkins and Malcolm Youngblood Awarded Outstanding New Supplemental Instruction Leaders


Pictured L to R: LSU Division of Student Affairs Vice President, Kurt Keppler, SI Leaders, Omar Kana and Hayden Hawkins, LSU CAS Associate Director, Susan Saale, LSU Student Success Assistant Vice President, Melissa Brocato and SI Leader Malcolm Youngblood.  

 The LSU Center for Academic Success (CAS) awarded biochemistry senior, Omar Kana as this year’s   Most Improved Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader [DL1] and Hayden Hawkins and Malcolm   Youngblood as the Outstanding New SI Leaders. 

 Kana currently leads SI sessions for Physics and has been a SI leader for the past two years. This
 past year he approached his sessions differently noting advice from his mentors and more   experienced SI leaders. Additionally, Kana incorporated learning techniques from the book Making It   Stick.

 Kana explained why he enjoyed being an SI Leader saying, “I enjoy helping students perform better in   subjects that are often difficult for them.  When one of my students has an 'aha' moment learning the   material, that gives me an immense sense of pride and means I have done my job.”

 Hayden Hawkins and Malcolm Youngblood, this year’s Outstanding New SI Leaders, have similar   stories about their experiences this past year.

 Hawkins, who was an SI Leader for Economics 2000 this year and plans to attend law school next   year, credits the SI program for his public speaking skills and teaching abilities.  Hawkins said, “What I   have liked most about being an SI Leader, however, is helping others overcome the obstacles that I also encountered while I was enrolled in the class." 

Youngblood, a senior in biological sciences and sociology, shares the same outlook.  He explained, “One of the best feelings is when we are covering difficult problems or concepts and at the end of the session the students truly understand the material we went over.”

"We are very proud of all three leaders. Each has made a mark in their own way. Omar has a done a great job of incorporating feedback and building on his experience. Hayden and Malcolm performed so well that they made the decision for New SI very difficult. So, we figured why fight it? Just pick both," said Assistant Director Matthew Mattox.

SI leaders are responsible for organizin­­g study sessions with guidance from LSU instructors to aid students in learning course material. SI leaders are trainedreceive extensive training by LSU CAS staff on how they can best supplement courses,  and how to better prepare students to learn.and have successfully completed the course they are instructing with a B letter grade or above  The LSU CAS SI program is also internationally certified by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction, and is one of five state university programs in the country with the three-year certification. 

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About LSU Center for Academic Success 
The LSU Center for Academic Success (CAS) helps students achieve the higher levels of learning necessary for academic success in college and beyond.  CAS offers services such as free tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Academic Coaching and various academic programs and online services including a Virtual Learning Center.  The LSU CAS is internationally recognized for more than 25 years of work in student learning and metacognition and is one of three university learning centers certified by the National College Learning Center Association as a center of excellence.


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